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Coral Box DC Curve Skimmer D700 UK Delivery

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30/4/2013 In Stock Now Again ~

3/4/2013 Limit Stock D700 skimmer now~  Order quick~

Coral Box DC Curve D700 Protein Skimmer is come from FS Design . Provides 

 energy saving, high efficiency, silent!

The new development of the barrel body, water, bubbles rise in a smooth, efficient discharge of the waste tank to make the water can remain stable

More rapid demolition of the structure of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden

Forming the outlet structure and the integration of the barrel body so that the water level to adjust more smoothly.


  • Cone shaped Skimmer provides more steady accumulation bubble processing efficiency.
  • New intake silencer device make more silent
  • Jebao DC3000 Pump, can using Controller more easy Adjustable on the flow rate, the best water level from 30% to 100%, around 15cm to 30cm. Flexiable to change !


  • Suitable for 450L to 700L Tank
  • Jebao DC3000 Pump
  • Watt :12.5W to 16.5W
  • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
  • Pump Capacitly : 1850 to 3000Litres /hours
  • Size :260x260x530mm


Customer Demo Video (Customer Only operation Controller for 3/10 Power only)



Customer Youtube Video



CoralBOx D700 Protein Skimmer Review
coralbox d700 protein skimmer
Average Customer Rating: 4.8 based on 5 reviews. Write a review.

gggeord (Guest)
αριστο για τα λεφτα του....
Great skimmer
I only have the skimmer installed about 3 hours and already working great. It is a really well made piece of kit made from heavy grade plastic and so quite aswell the only downside for me is its fairly big so now i have to upgrade my sump.
Very well made and very easy to assemble. Highly reccomended
powerful skimmer for great value
i purchased this skimmer for my 750l tank my tank is fairly heavily stocked wit fish and corals and it can easily handle it and i would say could handle more when the skimmer arrived it was very well packaged with both bubble wrap and thick foam all over assembly was very easy and you can feel by the weight of unit that it is not a cheaply made skimmer nice thick acrylic is used for the skimmer body and lid and the jebao skimmer is as silent as u will get in a skimmer.within 48 nice thick dark skimmate being pulled from tank so if you looking for an affordable skimmer with great build quality and excellent performance you wont bo wrong buying the d700 curve
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