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Coral Box Moon LED Plus Lighting

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2017 Jan 4
Fish Street Release Moon LED Plus Lighting. From Previous 52W Upgrade to 59W
Lighting LED chips from 7 to 10 LED. Add for Amber / Ocean Deep Blue / Cyan 

Fish Street Store Develop new type of the LED Lighting ~

First Review Discount, please provides for your tank photo / existing lighting for us to approve Discount 

  • 2 Different type of the Lens Kits 90/ 120 degree installation for 10"Inch to 30"Inch
  • Cross LED, 3 Unit LED per rack for cover Lighting
  • WiFi Function on the system, 1 Mobile can connection all the LED together (Need join your home network)
  • Crystal  Lens Kits to provides over Lighting Par 95% ratio
  • Bracket Mount and Hanging kits on the tank
  • 20% Output More by Cree 5W LED. Similar as 70W LED Lighting
  • Auto Fan with Aluminium LED Panel to cool down
  • Circle Design Cover more wide of the Tank , make left and Right not dark together


  • Size 175mm x 175mm x 34mm (6.89 x 6.89 x 1.34inch)
  • Bracket Mount / Hanging Kits Include
  • Andriod / IOS Wireless Mobile Control
  • Can 1 Power Supply for 2 Lighting 
  • 90 Degree Lens (Include) / 120 Degree Lens(Need extra order)

18 LED Chips 
Total 59W

6 Channel

Channel 1 White: CREE XTE 5W 7000-8300K 4pcs
Channel 2 Blue: CREE XPE 3W Royal Blue 450-465mm 5pcs
Channel 3 :Epileds Purple 3535 420-430nm 3W 1PCS  + Deep Ocean Blue 445-450nm 3W 1 PCS
Channel 4 Moonlight Blue: CREE XPE 3W 465-485nm 2pcs
Channel 5 Green: CREE XPE 3W 520-535nm 1pcs + Philips 3W Cyan 490-515nm
Channel 6 Red: CREE XPE 3W 620-630nm 1pcs  + Cree Amber 585-595nm 1pcs 3W

Andriod Apps / IOS Search Aqua LED

New Goose Neck Package (3 Unit)
Goose Neck up to 65cm Long, support for RIM Tank

The New Goose Neck Package which is suitable for 90cm x 90cm Tank Using. Each of the Rack can adjustable 5 to 40 Degree for intense Power on the Tank

Easy Panel of LED

6 Different Channel, You can selection White  /  Royal Blue / Blue / Green / Red / UV 7 different LED chips as you like, World Top Brand Function

Lighting Mode Include PreView Function

Cloudy Mode Include PreView Function

World Top Function : 24 Hours Function Setting, Moon Lighting as you need to set

Moon LED Sample with 1 Power Supply for 2 LED(Save 1 Power Outlet)

3 Unit of the Moon LED for 180cm Tank

Review Moon Led Lighting

Easy Mode For Moon LED Wifi Connection

20170501 New Upgrade Version Apps for Moon LED, can connection LED from outside network(Office) and connection to Home LED

Coral Box Moon LED Router Setup (Version 2 April 2016 Order) Download Router Manual and Reset 

Must Know Reset LED firstly before Router Setup


YouTube Video (22" x 16" Tank) 55cm x 32cm Tank

Italy Customer 

Review of US Customer





Review of Germany Customer


3 Unit LED Link Together in 90cm x 90cm x 90cm Tank

Germany Customer (SPS Ready)
Average Customer Rating: 5 based on 10 reviews. Write a review.

Great !
Great light ! Mobile app is excellent. The programming is awesome, The fans make NO noise. Corals responded very positively .
This is an awesome LED. I don't like the purple heavy light on the blue channel, but the light is what I needed for my SPS to grow. They start to grow about 72 hours after installing the LED.
Note this is for the old version of the lamp (15 LEDs).
Nowe lampy rewelacja
W porównaniu do mono led rewelacja, kolor widmo zdecydowanie lepsze, lampa mnie zaskoczyła taka zmianą , chociaż jej poprzedniczka tez dawała radę to te nowe mono led plus zdecydowanie mają przyjemniejsza barwę i widmo. Nie tylko moja ocena tylko też kolegi który widział wcześniejsze lampy i te nowe plus. Jestem zadowolony. Teraz czekam zobaczymy jak z przyrostem będzie korali przy poprzednich rosły ładnie to myśle ze tu będzie super. Dziękuje Eryk że można kupić dobre lampy w przystępnej cenie
Un excelente producto
Es un excelente producto se noto radicalmente el cambio en mis corales ademas de una facil programacion y combinacion en sus colores, en apariencia estetica agradable a la vista, a demas de un envio super rapido ,solo un detalle con respecto a la configuracion no pude dejar de esclava las coral box no me reconocio las redes segui cada paso del tutorial que tienen asi que tube que configurar de forma independiente cada una.
Saludos y muchas gracias por sus productos Luis Lucero Cambiazo
Отличный светильник.
Приобрел светильник для аквариума 60*60*60, вполне устраивает. Работает на заводских настройках LPS. Хотелось бы побольше готовых режимов, и так и не понял про линзы, у меня в комплекте были только одни, сразу установлены в светильник.
Рекомендую всем!