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Key Aquarium LED Lighting Europe Version

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Key Aquarium LED Lighting Europe Version

Key Aquarium LED Lighting Europe Version
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2014/3/26 K4/K5 Stock Now in UK warehouse ! No Tax for EU Customer

For K5 LED now in stock for Both UK and Hong Kong warehouse

2014/3/15 Key LED K5 Release

Fish Street is proud to announce that we are now the European distributor for Key LED.

K5 Manual Download here

All wholesale enquiries are welcome, please contact here for more details.

All Key LED lighting now includes a free KZ Fiji Purple and Actinic preinstall as standard.

All Key LED lighting is stocked in our UK \warehouses, meaning there is no need to pay VAT for shipping within the EU.  Items will be sent by DPD/UPS courier and you'll receive it within 2 working days.

LED lighting is leading the way as the future of aquarium illumination.  Appropriate for use with all corals from soft right up the toughest of SPS, they provide a sophisticated multi-option alternative to traditional lighting, and in addition their low energy consumption makes them much more cost-effective with longterm use.

Improvements on the new K5 LED

  • The new K5 is black in colour and constructed using the very latest in aluminium matte oxidation. This extends the life of the product and allows it to be used for long periods of time, using heat dissipation which increases passive cooling by 20%. Meaning there is no more need for a fan and thus the unit is silent.
    The controller allows the user to set lighting on a 24-hour cycle, from 0%-100% intensity. Allowing you to recreate a natural sunrise to sunset lighting pattern, exactly to your own specific requirements.
    The new design includes a 75 degree lens for wide light coverage
    The variable colour mix allows you to create a natural appearance
    New simple replacement chips allow for easy plug and play capability
  • The specially selected Red, Green, Royal Blue, White, Fiji Purple and Actinic LED Chips provide the entire wavelength of light that corals need to flourish.
  • Remote Controller is Include

K5 LED Lighting uses state-of-the-art Cree XPE technology:

  • Red & Green (630nm and 520nm)
  • Cool White (420 - 480nm)
  • Royal Blue (460nm)
  • Fiji Purple (420nm)
  • Antinic (408nm)
  • Cree Red (610 - 630nm)
  • Cree Green (500 - 540nm)



















Attention : It's K4 LED Information :


K4 PAR Demo for 90cm Tank for 65cm Height

K4 Demo Lighting Information



Demo Photo from Customer

Video for Using 2 Year of Key LED Lighting in SPS




Demo Customer (Netherlands) 150cm Tank Full SPS





Dimming Effect on Key Aquarium K3 Lighting



 Key LED Build in SPS Power Bar Demo


More Detail on the K3 Lighting Image Please click the Image file or contact us

Include for K3 include Power Cable / Rack Mount/ Controller and Manual

if require Hanging Kits / Tank Mount please order in shopping cart

SPS Power Bar Information

  • Speical for Aquarium for SPS / LPS Coral
  • Remote time controller with sunrise and sunset function
  • 415mn wavelength
  • Red Green Blue Purple Color
  • Specification for SPS Power Bar
SPS 24 Silm
58x 7.5 x 4cm
SPS 36 Silm
78 x 7.5 x4cm

SPS Power Bar Remote Controller Function

  • 16 Color Range on Random Flash Model
    Separte Control for Red / Green / Blue / White color
  • (Under mix with Key LED K2 / K3, White mode can increase to 15% on the lighting lumen)
  • Blue Model can increase to near 16000K on the Ocean Blue color
  • Red Model can enchance color the Green Star Polyps / Waving Hand Anthelia / Zoanthids
  • Green Model can make the SPS coral look like shape on the SPS
  • Using Flash Model can operate Change 16 color a cycle (We highly recommend customer using this model , because it can provides the best color range for your coral healthy)
  • Strobe Model provides a Strobe White Color(3 to 5 second per time, it can look as a strobe in the actual enviroment)
  • Fade Model is a build in timer for running 12 hours on the lighting
  • Smooth Model is a build in timer for running 11 Hours on the lighting
  • We highly recommend customer using Flash model! Or Using White / Blue / Green / Red model to enchance the Lumen or color range

Key LED Build in SPS Power Bar




Key LED provides 12months, include UPS item send back for both . Fans and Cree is include on the warranty

The features of K series:

1. Import high-performance chips, ensure the luminous effects.

The main light device uses high-power LED chips (no need to replace lamp beads in five years; for Cree chips no need to replace lamp beads in seven years). BridgeLux can use 30,000Hrs, and Cree can use 50,000Hrs

2. Low energy consumption, more power efficiency.

LED has the feature of high brightness and low energy consumption, so under the same brightness, using LED, power is only half of the traditional lamp. Besides, LED can emit light from some direction, completely different from the traditional lights, emitting from all directions.

3. No heat radiation, more suitable for aquarium use.

LED lamps do not have any heat radiation, even under the condition that the room is 35°C, and the lamps are close to the water surface, the water temperature will not be increased, which will definitely reduce using chiller or air-conditioner.

4. Excellent lighting effects.

60°condenser cap ( K serials can provide 15°~30°poly masks) , specially designed to focus light, and the nano-reflective bars, fixed on both sides, are to make sure that the light can focus on the aquarium to the maximum extent. The lamps emit fixed fire light, so the corrugated surface of the water can reflect the shadow of everything in the aquarium, showing natural sparkling effect. On the contrary, conventional lamps can not achieve that effect.

5. Single bead is 3W, no hurt on eyes.

3W-chip bead is used for main lighting and if stared for a short time, the light will not hurt your eyes. (Not like metal halide, even stared for a short time, it will hurt your eyes.) Besides the lamps do not contain any UV light, so creatures and humans are absolutely safe.

6. Blue luminous light, dreamy aquarium.

Seawater dedicated blue-ray is a particular wavelength of 465nm blue light, suitable for the vast majority of the growth of marine organisms. Turn blue lights on in the evening, coral, software and fishes can appear fluorescent and fantastic effects.

7. External power supply, low voltage input.

With external power supply, the power weight and heat can not be brought to the main lights. Low voltages, driven to the main light by DC and with short-circuit security system make creatures and humans are absolutely safe.

8. Thin main light, a wide range of installation.

Because of the simple design and thin main lights, even in the embedded wall aquarium narrow space, the LED lamps can provide long-lasting, high-brightness light.

9. Flexible control of light effect by pressing different buttons.

Packet aluminum radiator lamp body ensures group control, that is group opening and closing, which can reduce the power. (Not like the metal halide, turning on or off instantaneously scares off the fishes and software.) In the evening turn on the main lights and at night luminous light can be turned on.

10. Active and passive cooling systems ensure the service life.

Cooling system consists of two parts: active cooling system and passive cooling system. Active cooling system is an overall aluminum radiator. (Even not opening the cooling fan, the heat can also be completely removed, without any bad influence on the LED useful life.) Passive cooling system is composed of multiple sets of fans, which can remove the heat of LED beads adequately even in high room temperature conditions. Besides, KEY's tooth optical cooling technology (patent pending), completely solved the high-power LED thermal problems.

11. Color temperature can be custom-made, which can be used for both sea and fresh water.

The color temperature for seawater is around 12000K and for fresh water is around 6000K. Our LED lamps' color temperature can be used both in sea water and fresh water. Other color temperature of lamps can be ordered.

12. Constant current driver ensure the luminous efficiency.

Constant current power supply are used in all series of high-power LED lamps in KEY, which can high precisely provide constant current power within the scope of beads, which not only increasing the service life, and also ensuring the brightness. Power supplies comply with UL, CE, CCC certification, exporting to Europe and the United States.

13. Installation variety

There are three kinds of installation mode supporting the main light body: hanging type, horizontal bracket-style, vertical rack. All the three modes are in support of 5 ~ 18MM thick aquarium glass.

Key Aquarium K3 Lighting Demo 1





K3 Key LED Aquarium Customer Demo Tank

(Austrailia) (http://youtu.be/IwEzhrXS83s)


Customer Demo Tank (israel) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-8Qp8xpCWU)


K3 Key LED Customer Demo Tank (UK) http://youtu.be/ymH6_Z22fVQ (96x 24 x24)  

* Nano Silm and Freshwater Model Only K1, factory will not release any time controller for this 2 series* Cree Model provides more 15% Brigher than BrightLux Chips (Testing Report)

  • Cree Model for 50000Hours / Brightlux Chpis for 30000Hours normal use
  • Beaming Angle is 60 Degree & Light Penetration Depth is 70cm


  • Item is include wall and rack mount Power : 110V to 240V 50/60Hz
  • Timer Function to controller separte by White /  Blue / Moonlighting by K2 LED Lighting

YouTube Video (FULL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aulmoo9JLTM    You Tube Video(Wave Effect) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLg-lxAw_aY Our France Sponsor Customer Philippe Tank (Key Aquarium LED in Fish-street.com)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4JKRexxOlc Our USA Sponsor Customer Demo Tank on Key24-Wide Cree model http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr9nJKh58XI Customer York(Australia) Display Tankhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iShxEPzG2V8  Customer York(Australia) Display Tank Blue Onlyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7cwn2Wqpnk  

Blue Editional Version on 500Litres Tank


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