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Coral Box D500 PLUS Protein Skimmer UK Delivery

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2017 Aug 10 Upgrade D500 to D500 Plus
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24/7/2014 Pre Order Now (August Send out)

Coral Box DC D500 Plus is come from FS Design . Provides 

 energy saving, high efficiency, silent!

The new development of the barrel body, water, bubbles rise in a smooth, efficient discharge of the waste tank to make the water can remain stable

More rapid demolition of the structure of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden

Forming the outlet structure and the integration of the barrel body so that the water level to adjust more smoothly.


  • Coral Box DCA2000 Pump, can using Controller more easy Adjustable on the flow rate, the best water level from 30% to 100%, around 15cm to 30cm.Flexible to change !
  • Water Level Sensor Function to Avoid OverFlow
  • 10/30/50Mins Feed Mode to provides more time for change water and feeding time
  • Auto Drop 2 Speed 1 hours when Feed Mode Pause. It's can avoid overflow when change water or water level not stable
  • 3D Diffuser, different with traditional diffuser, the water will swirl and increase more reactor time


  • Suitable for 250L to 650L Tank
  • CoralBox DCA2000 Pump
  • Watt :6W to 15W
  • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
  • Pump Capacity : 600 to 2000Litres /hours
  • Size :185x185x520mm


Customer Demo Video

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Coral Box D500 Plus Complete Open Box Review




Coral Box D300 First Using

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Customer Youtube Video



Average Customer Rating: 4.8 based on 10 reviews. Write a review.

Thomas (Guest)
Preis Leistung TOP
Der Abschäumer läuft sehr ruhig und erzielt eine gute Abschäumleistung.
Habe ihn an einem 540 Liter Aquarum im Einsatz und bin nach nun 6 Wochen Betrieb sehr zufrieden
Value skimmer
Great skimmer, especially for the price
Candide17 (Guest)
Good product !
Good skimmer. Work ok, no problem. More efficiently than my older one (Nac 5 Buble Magnus).
But a little to noisy for my ears.
Fish Street make perfect job : good delivery timing, perfect packing !...
Will come again here.
Flomander (Guest)
Super Abschäumer. Sehr leise und leistungsstark. Dann auch noch regelbare Leistung. Besser als Namenhafte!
Ahto (Guest)
Very happy with this skimmer
Silent skimmer with excellent build quality and lot of skimmmate. Special thanks to fish-street store team for great customer service and fast shipping. Will buy again.

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