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Fauna Marin ULTRA Marine Bakto Gel Start 250ml :: Yorumlar

Fiyat$35.00excl. TAX
Satış$30.00excl. TAX
Kazancınız$5.00 (14%)
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Ağırlık0.1 kg

The special composition of live marine bacteria gets you a perfect start with your new aquarium. Marine Bakto Gel Start immensely shortens the start period of the marine aquarium and effectively reduces the common side-effects, just as red slime algea, or filamentous green algea.

Through the slow and successive release of important filterbacteria from the gel-pad potentially harmful waste products as nitrite or ammonia are constantly removed.

Reduce the start period of your new marine aquarium to 14 days only.


1st -3rd Day:
1 Teaspoon/ 100 Liter (26 US gal.)
Subsequently 1 Teaspoon/ 100 Liter (26 US gal.) every 2 days.

When introducing a high amount of new animals to the aquarium or after strong impacts to the aquarium-system, add 1 Teaspoon/ 100 Liter (26 US gal.) every 3 days.

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