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BeamsWork LED Lighting

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2012/10/24 New :Extra Brighter Version Release +65%

Want to Make the LED Dimming with Timer Function?


Random Color Provides!


  • Super Silm Hosing Bracket System
  • Passive Cool operation no need to using a fan(Low DC Voltage)
  • Energy Saving
  • 2 Channel Operation for White and Blue


  • Power DC12V 500mA
  • Voltage : 110V to 240V voltage 50/60Hz
Model LED Size Watt
EA-30 (28-33cm Tank) 21 White 3 Blue 30cm x 9 x 3 8W
EA-50 (44-48cm Tank) 30 White 3 Blue 45cm x 9 x 3 10W
EA-60 (59-63cm Tank) 36 White 6 Blue 60cm x 9 x 3 12W
EA-90 (74-81cm Tank) 52 White 8 Blue 90 cm x 9 x 3 17W


YouTube Video of Beamworks Auarium LED Lighting:


Beamwork LED Lighting
Beamwork LED Lighting
Beamwork LED Lighting
Beamwork LED Lighting
Beamwork LED Lighting
Average Customer Rating: 4.6 based on 5 reviews. Write a review.

Davey (Guest)
Awesome product
It’s great!
KAF (Guest)
For sump use, its perfect!
For sump use, its perfect!
Cepreu (Guest)
Vaue for money
Vaue for money, and excellent light, with great light spread and coverage, gets deep into the tank, highly recommend it.
Really good product
I use this in my sump, works perfectly, and has about the same grow rate as I had with 150 watt hqi.....
Pas mal du tout ! Not bad at all !
Achat de la rampe 40cm et mes coraux mous se portent à merveille depuis l'installation.
Cependant je complète l'éclairage avec une petit fluocompacte car pas assez de bleu à mon gout ...

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