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Coral Box PowerCell for Jebao Battery Pump / DC Pump_US_Delivery :: Recensioner

Pris$135.00excl. TAX
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Vikt0.2 kg
  • Backup For your Jebao Pump / DC Pump / Any type of 12 24V DC Pump
  • Operation for 48 Hours 
  • Avoid Coral or Fish Death
2019 April Release New Version 2 Battery

Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply

Important : Different Between V1 and V2 Battery


CoralBox Release New Type of the Jebao Power Cell

Our Power Cell only 1/3 Price on Vortech Battery, include CE / MSDS Certification. 
Power Cell is selling Design by USA, we include Controller and Fuse to protection our Battery.

Sample Test (Jebao RW Pump) Using lowest model W1 Function
RW4 / WP10 48 Hours
RW8 / WP25 24 Hours
RW15 / WP40 18 Hours
RW20 / WP60 9 Hours

Sample Test for DC Pump (DC12000) Highest Mode on 1.7M Height(Different Height will affection on the timer use)
DC12000 2Hours 15Mins 

You can Double the Battery to provides Extra Operation Time
Using a Few Price to Protect for your Tank! Without die for value fish and Coral! Action Now~

MP40 Similar for RW15 Operation Time, due to controller is different, so the operation time is different

  • Backup for your pump for expectation electricity problem 
  • Keep for your tank pump operation to avoid any fish or coral die within 6 hours
  • Auto Switch the Power Cell if the no electricity *
  • Can Auto Keep Power On with power supply for the Battery to Pump operation. Provides stable electricity to keep pump longer lifetime
  • CoralBox which come from factory, directly got the specification of Jebao / Coral Box Pump, it can provides the best lifetime for the pump operation than another non factory develop battery
Jebao Customer just using our power supply instead of original power supply to Auto Switch when electrical down

Hints : For First Time using, we suppose charge over 24 hours to provides the best performance for the Battery.   

Why Selection our Coral Box Power Cell
Coral Box Power Cell
ECO  Power Cell
15 x 11 x 7cm
19 x 18 x 8cm
6.8KG Heavy
Opeartion time
Jebao RW4 - We clearly test for the Battery operation for 48 hours for Jebao RW4 in the lowest W1 mode
No Further information. Only manual say operation for MP40 48 hours
  • Ideal for Jebao DC Pump
  • Jebao FS/ RW/ WP Pump /Twins Controller
  • Can Operation 2 Battery for 1 Pump. Or 1 Battery for 2 Pump (Cable is Include)

  • Any type of 12V to 24V Output Pump (mean waveline dcpump / Coralbox skimmer / ATI skimmer / ReefOctoups DC Pump can operation
  • For DC3000/6000/9000/10000/12000 Water Pump Operation time will delay on the sump height to different result. 
  • *DCT will upgrade for future also
Can operation for Vortech
  • CE Approve
  • MSDS Air Mail Approve
  • Drop Test Approve
  • Control Panel Include
  • Fuse Include
  • Military fireproof materials Box


Auto Switch of the Power Supply for Jebao / Vortech
1) Connect with Power Cell Power supply to Input Charge Hole
2) Connect the Y-Cable(Include) with the Jebao / Vortech Power Supply (24V)
3) Plug the Y Cable to Battery (Output1)
4) Plug the Y Cable to the Controller

It's will auto Switch if the system failure and auto switch to Power Cell

Method of connection (1 Unit of RW Pump)

Step 1

PowerCell Power supply connection on the connection point


Step 2 /3

Using the Orginial Power supply connection on the Y Cable (Packing Include)

For Y cable have 2 point, 1 connection power is for orginial power supply


Step 4 another connection point of Y cable is for the RW controller


  • 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60hz
  • Size : 15x 11 x 7cm
  • US / UK /EU Power Supply
  • Extend Cable / Magic Twins cable for RW
  • Vortech Power Supply Adapter

How to installation?

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