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Coral Box Quiet Pump 2017 New Wavemaker

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Want to Discount on the Pump?  Please contact us Here(Need to provides Tank Photo / Existing Pump and Agree doing review Video  +  Photo on Forum)

Due to we got huge of order require free try. If you cannot provides enough information and agree, we cannot process

Please Answer for us to here

1) Open box Review Video + Photo Firstly

2) After you received the parcel and you doing a video and review photo

3) Continuous At least daily update a New Photo on the forum, each 2 days need add 1 photo, Must at least continuous 7 times

 Please let us to know when can start since we have enough for the review

And told me which forum also , and which pump model for you want

Quiet Pump is support Apex!  Order with our AQlink A1 together to support

Quiet Pump is work with Coral Box Battery Backup . Order in Here


Coral Box Introduce New Series of the WaveMaker 2017. Quiet Pump Series for 3 Model.  

Do you want a Silent Pump?  Tank in bedroom require silent?
Do you require a accuracy pump for real time operation?
Do you require a non damage motor pump?
Do you want to set 1% operation on the Pump? (Need wifi controller)
Do you want more function for the pump operation?

Special thanks for Italy Antonio Editor help us to translate Italy Manual Quiet Pump  Download here

Review Page

Upgrade for your pump now Series Max thickness is 12mm Glass QP16 Series Max thickness is 16mm Glass



Quiet Pump Series


Sound DB35 to 40, near no sound


6 Mode

Normal / Sine / Advance Pulse / Nature / Reef / Advance Shift

Advance Pulse

Can Pulse for 2 Pump. One pump Stop, another pump running

Advance Controller

Digital LED Controller. See it clearly operation flow and mode


Accuracy Digital 1 - 99% Setting Output Flow. Custom Self Easy to set

Master /  Slave

Mix with up to 8 Pump

Accuracy of Time

Real Time

Motor Pump

No Eletrical Inside, Pump motor is lifetime will not damage


Design in Germany with Coral Box









5000Litres /1300Gallon

9000Litres / 2340 Gallon

16000 Litres / 4160 Gallon






8.5 x 6 x 6.5cm

10.5 x 8 x 7.5cm

12.5 x 9 x8.5cm





Average Customer Rating: 4.47 based on 17 reviews. Write a review.

Kim Andersen (Guest)
So far im impressed.
Actually kinda silent and moves alot of water. Replaced my 2 rw8 with one of the biggest (16?) And id say it moves more water then my old 8s at full power.
Very good pump
Geir Arne Solberg (Guest)
Super good
Effective and silence
Geir Arne Solberg (Guest)
Super good
Very strong and seilence.
TomTommes (Guest)
Die Pumpe tut genau das, was sie soll. ich habe jetzt 2 Stück . Die Ströhmung ist richtig gut. Beide Pumpen laufen auf voller Leistung und sie sind schön ruhig. habe Beide per Funk miteinander gekoppelt. Funktioniert einwandfrei. Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell.