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Coral Box RN-1 Reverse Nano Pump

You Save$13.00 (10%)
Points Price23,398.0
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Require for Review ~  Contact for Us  a Discount (Require Video + Photo Share on the facebook / Forum )


1) Reverse Function for Cleaning  Sand
2) 10/ 20 mins time feed mode
3) 6 program a day 
4) Motor never damage 
5) Super Slim for high end customer

Attention: RN-1 is innovate design for impeller, it is not like traditional pump all the Strong Flow in Center, it is diffuse all the flow to LEFT RIGHT TOP Down, not in center.  RN-1 Impeller is Big than Traditional Pump for 5 times to create a Big Flow. Even Same pump the sound May create different type of the flow and sound .

Manual Download here:

Want make your Aquarium Pump moving? Change the direction of the Pump?  Try Coral Box O1 Auto Motion System

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FILOU (Guest)
very good product shipment very quickly price
I recommend this product
Tres belle pompe puissante et silencieuse je recommande ce produit je vais en recommander une autre
n.vigneron (Guest)
très bonne pompe ! silencieuse ! brassage doux pour les coraux et le petit plus pouvoir brancher sur une batterie .
Fabrizio (Guest)
Prodotto buona qualità
Keat (Guest)
Easy to program
It’s compact and easy to program. The only downside I find the magnet is not very strong for 12mm thick glass as it rotates slightly during the initial setup.
nicolas v (Guest)
très bonne pompe et très siiençieuse
une pompe vraiment intéressante ! discrète, flux tout en douceur pour les coraux et en plus silencieuse ! je recommande cette pompe et je vais en commander une autre dès que possible .

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