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Coral Box A100 Auto Top Off (ATO) System

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Selection Spare Sensor
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Why A100 is more Accurate and Reliable?

For Old sensor which is using Infrared sensor, it will affection on the water level if not consistence.  The new Optical sensor can solve this problem , example on the non sump pump or high lighting output

And the floating sensor which add a cover on the system, it make it more stable to check the water level.

The A100 using Next Generation of the Super cups. Its a Screw type super cups.  Can hold over 1KG item and more better using Magnet Base. The Screw Super cups which stronger than the Magnet based system and it can operation if in glass thinless over 12mm size.


  • DC Electronic Pump 12V
  • Safety for using in Marine or Freshwater
  • Patent Optical Sensor with different type of angle reflector, every time monitor on the water level with Anti Water Wave Resistance
  • Stabilize Cover with  Floating Sensor provides Switch Off & Alarm Function to Stop the Pump . Prevent Dry run to damage the pump
  • Alarm System 
  • Controller using Plug & Plug lightning socket. Easy to maintenance


  • Power : 110V to 240V 50Hz DC12V 150Litres DC Pump
  • 2M 8/12 Water Cable
  • Optics / Floating sensor include 120cm Long (9 Month to 1 Year Change)
  • Pump Cable Length for 140cm

For Germany /  United Kingdom & Spain which have Distributor, cannot be order on it

Review Coral Box A100 Auto Top Off (ATO) System

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ATO and overflow warning
Is doing what an ATO is expecting to do and in my case even more because i use the floating sensor to detect and warn the maximum fulfilling level with RO-DI
Postie (Guest)
Awesome little unit
Ive now had this up and running on my tank for 5 months. It has been flawless from day one. Works ecatly like it should!

Only 2 things that would be nice to have
1. The lead for the float switch to be the same length as the optical.
2. A off switch on the float switch. If you have a AIO tank and shut the main pump off the water in the back chamber rises. You either need to unplug the float switch or listen to it beep the whole time. Annoying while feeding.
Metcho (Guest)
Easy to hook up. Works great
David (Guest)
Received the product on time and very easy set up and works well
Works well
Had this at for awhile now. Good when I got it. Easy to set up. Still working well now.

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