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Coral Box Cloud C9 DC Protein Skimmer_UK_Delivery

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The new Cloud C9 Protein Skimmer from Coral Box was designed  by FS Design and offers energy saving, high efficiency and quiet operation

Why choose a  Coral Box Skimmer?

Factory direct to the end user, while other brands go from the factory to a distributor, shop and then the end user increasing the cost to you.

With the newly developed barrel body, the bubbles rise in a smooth cloud giving an efficient discharge of the dissolved organic waste, maintaining a stable water quality.

More rapid disassembly of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden 

Smooth water level adjustment with a standing tube rotated to adjust the required skimming height


  • Cone shaped Skimmer providing more steady bubble management giving inproved efficiency. 
  • New intake silencer device to make it even more silent
  • Jebao DC4000 Pump, fully controllable with included controller.
  • Required water height  15cm to 30cm.   ( 6" to 12" )..Easy to place in your sump.


  • Suitable for 750L to 1500L Tank
  • Jebao DC4000 Pump and Controller
  • Air Intake over 1450 LHr (double the skimmer air intake for similar size other brand)
  • Watts :20W to 38W
  • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
  • Pump Capacitly : 2800 to 4000Litres /hour
  • Size :270x300x600mm (includes the inner pipe and outer pipe)

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Average Customer Rating: 5 based on 8 reviews. Write a review.

Awesome value!
Top quality build and performance for budget price. Unbeatable value, best skimmer I've ever owned. Highly recommended.
Very impressed by the built quality.
Acrylic is very thick. Nice looking, nice performances and not overated like some other brands.
Nico68 (Guest)
First I was very pleased of the bluilt quality.
. The acrylic is very thick. Very good finish.
The perfomances are very good and the pump is very quiet.
For the price it is probably one of the best skimmer you can find.
No regrets!
Excellent skimmer!
Fabi M. (Guest)
Excellent for the price
Super Skimmer for an unbeatable price. Absolutely quiet, great foaming. Very good workmanship and very fast delivery.

Normaly I use only Royal Exclusiv, but this one is almost as good, but a lot cheaper. I'm totally excited!

Super Abschäumer für einen unschlagbaren Preis. Absolut leise, großartiges Schaumbild. Sehr gute Verarbeitung und sehr schnelle Lieferung.
Nutze sonst nur RoyalExclusiv, aber dieser ist fast genauso gut, dafür aber ein Vielfaches günstiger. Bin total begeistert!