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Dual Nozzle Loc Line Y Shape with connector

Kazancınız$1.00 (14%)
Puan Fiyatı1,200.0
Ödül Puanı36.0
Ağırlık: 0.05 kg


  • Two Outlet to provides different flow
  • Easy to install and cut off the lenght size as you like
  • Can change the direction
  • 1/2" Inch Loc line+a 3/4" Inch connector
Dual Loc Line Y Shape connector
Dual Loc Line Y Shape connector
Ürüne Verilen Ortalama Oy: 4.44 toplam 18 yoruma dayanılarak belirlenmiştir.. Yorum yaz..

Avner (Konuk)
The ultimate solution for red sea nozzle
solve me a real problem of flow in red sea tank
really helpfull gadget...
I'm using it for my reefer 250 and it fits perfectly the outlet.

After some time it's a bit hard to move but all in all it's doing the job well...

Came in all-black... but very fast shipping
Thomas (Konuk)
Works good
Only issue I have is I ordered 3/4" and the actual threading is 1/2" so the flow is reduced a bit.
leysen luc (Konuk)
goed ontvagen
goed produkt prijs kwaliteit
Mike (Konuk)
Very satisfied
The "Y" is exactly what we needed and is working perfectly!

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