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Jebao DCP-M WiFi Water Return Pump :: Reviews

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  • DC Pump 24V~36V Safetly
  • From 1800L to 10000L
  • Controller Feed Mode


20200703 Jebao DCP-M Series Wifi Pump release
2016 May 20 Aqualink T1 Controller Release~ Make for you DC Pump to WaveMaker now

2012 Nov Fish Street Distributor Jebao WP40
2013 May Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-25
2013 Oct Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-60 Jebao Wp-10
2014 Feb Fish Street First Release for Jebao Twins controller
2014 May Interzoo Fish Street help jebao factory to First Release RW-4 RW-8 RW-15 Rw-20
2014 Oct First Release Jebao DP4
2015 Jan First Release Jebao DP2
Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply 

13/1/2015 Memory Function add on all DCT Series  

1/1/2015 Release New Type of Jebao DCT4000/ DCT15000 Pump

17/12/2014 All DC Pump will free upgrade to DCT Series

2/8/2014 Australia Warehouse Start, Australia Warehouse to delivery to save shipping fee if you in Australia

23/4 US  Warehouse stock for DC12000. US Customer can order here to save shipping

28/3/2014 We are greatful to Promotion New Type of Hose(Separate Order) 3 Way Water Divider

24/3/2014 DC3000 Out Of Stock now. pre order take on before 15/4 send out

19/3/2014 Order DC6000/DC12000 Customer for USA / Canada /New Zealand / Australia Customer will got a FREE Upgrade send by UPS, 3 days arrived(Selection Hong Kong Warehouse Delivery, we will send by UPS, Not include Extend Remote Far Area by UPS)

 and in EU country, we also in stock on it. Please order in our UK warehouse if you are in EU country

2014/1/1 Our UK NJ Warehouse in stock for DC6000/DC12000, New shipping discount for US Warehouse !

03/11 Provides AU/EU/UK/US Plug, English Manual, only in FishStreetStore for Authorzied Distributor

The New Jebao DCT Return Pump is available for Fish Street Store Now!

EU / UK / US / AU Plug available FULL in stock now

From 110V to 240V Voltage, WorldWide Available!

vironment materials for build. Provides more safety and reduce the leak issue! 

High Recommend for DCT Pump Now !

DCPM5000 Controller from 3800Litres to 5000 Litres

DCPM6500 Controller from 4500 Litres to 6500Litres

DCPM8000 Controller from 5200 Litres to 8000Litres

DCP10000 Controller from 8200 Litres to 10000Litres

We Strongly Add for Our Backup Battery for your Jebao Pump! Please combine with our Battery with Wifi Controller if you want

DC Pump Backup UPS Battery Order here to extra for Order here Electricity down!


  • High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy savig up to 50% than before.
  • Memory Function for Power Supply Off to recall memory
  • 10 Speed Mode controller for T Series
  • IC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water
  • Motor Protection if rotor is blocked
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Can operate in Marine and Fresh Water
  • No Copper components , safety on your tank!
  • With Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft, longer operation life
  • 10 Mins Feed Model(Or Pause to resume to normal)
  • Internal Use Only! DC Pump do not suppose for External Use
  • WiFi Function





How to Install the Lifetime and prevent Vibration of the Jebao DC Pump

It's our suggestion using some Bio Filter add on the DC Pump, can reduce prevent any Stone or sand into impeller. The Bio filter is solve can reduce the sound of the vibration between Jebao DC Pump with Glass. You can order some media in here




Customer Demo Video



YouTube Video


YouTube Video 10000L


Latest 3 Way Water Divider! (Not Include on the Order any hose! Only can work for DC12000! Beware on it) If you require order in here:


 Easy to Handle the Pump connection? Order our PVC drain Pipe connection tube here

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