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Jebao WiFi Dosing 3.4 :: Apžvalgos

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Attention : WIFI is for 2.4G Network, please make for your router compatible for 2.4G. (Any Bridge / Switch / Amazon Echo or Mobile data tethering machine is not support)

It's for the Jebao 2019 New Series of the Wifi Dosing Pump. Fish Street Develop a time with Jebao and recommend. Due to Jebao Dosing Pump require connection Network to Worldwide. If New Phone such Google Pixels or New IOS will take a time for engineer upgrade to work with apps

  • Easy Programming on your smartphone
  • Smartphone setting can save time for newbie to setting and more accuracy to prevent input wrong on the traditional LCD dosing pump
  • Ideal for dosing CA / MAG / KH or RO
  • Max Program 24 times a day

Manual download here:

4 Way Tube Holder
  • Adjust Cable and Tube Easy
  • Mount on the Tank
Dosing Reservoir Liquid Box 3Room(4.5Litres Version 2)
  • 4.5 Litres
  • 3 Seperate Room for different dosing
  • Have measurement 0 to 1500cc
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Vill Guest on 19 Bal 2019, 1:19 AM
Where can download the application?
Hi, User can search "Jebao Aqua" in either App Store or Google Play to download the application. Alternately user may scan the barcode on the package or user’s manual to download the application.
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Jebao WiFi Dosing 3.4
Kaina$140.00excl. TAX
Sale$120.00excl. TAX
Jus sutaupote$20.00 (14%)
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