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Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-4 (USA California Warehouse) :: Κριτικές

Τιμή$120.00excl. TAX
Πώληση$90.00excl. TAX
Κερδίζετε$30.00 (25%)
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2012 Nov Fish Street Distributor Jebao WP40
2013 May Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-25
2013 Oct Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-60 Jebao Wp-10
2014 Feb Fish Street First Release for Jebao Twins controller
2014 May Interzoo Fish Street help jebao factory to First Release RW-4 RW-8 RW-15 Rw-20
2014 Oct First Release Jebao DP4
2015 Jan First Release Jebao DP2
Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply 

17 June 2015 Jebao DP4 Version 2 Release! Provides more stable on the dosing liquid , fixed air bubble problem

19/10/2014 Stock now in US CA warehouse

21/8/2014 Stock Now for DP4. Bracket is out of stock

17/8/2014 Pre order for New Version of DP4 D1.1 on 22 Aug

12/06/2014 In stock Now

02/06/2014 Pre Order time for 3 to 6 days on Delivery 9 June

26/5/2014 Fish Street Release Jebao Brand Dosing Pump DP-4 DP4 ~

26/5/2014 Due to High Demand of Order of Dosing Pump, Shipping will based on 1 to 3 days delivery. For UK / Europe Customer will free upgrade send from UK Warehouse(No Tax)

We Design a New Dosing Bracket only for Jebao Dosing Pump (Package). High Recommend Take a Bracket to Hold on your Sump (26cm x 18cm)

Dosing Replacement Parts and Relation Item

Jebao DP4 Replacement Head Order here

Jebao DP4 Manual English  / Russian Manual / Germany Manual

  • Jebao Brand for 4 Channel Dosing Pump
  • Each Channel Provides 1 to 9999ml per day
  • Each Channel can programmable 24 timer per day
  • Can interval 30 days to dosing
  • Easy Set different time of the Dosing Pump 
  • Idea for Dosing CA  / MG / AB Water or other liquid+
  • Special Offer taken with Dosing Bracket (World Lowest Price! With perfect Design Jebao Dosing Pump)  

  • Size 23.5 x 13 x 6.5cm
  • Power 110V to 240V 50/60Hz
  • Include AU / EU / US /UK Plug
  • Item is NOT Include a Dosing Tube. Please Order Air Tubing
Dosing Pump Manual Download Here

Youtube Video (Function)

How to Remove Jebao Auto Dosing Pump Video 




Customer Demo

Jebao Dosing Pump DP4

Complete Review of Jebao DP4




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ReeferRob Guest on 28 ΑΠΡ. 2016, 11:15 AM
Excellent doser
I just got into Acros and this thing is the key to stable parameters. If you just have LPS and leather corals, you need one to keep steady and stable parameters.
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Tom on 7 ΙΑΝ. 2016, 11:58 AM
Easy to use. Consistent
Easy setup and calibration. Does what its supposed to
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