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Key Aquarium LED VS Maxspect LED

Maxspect LED VS Key Aquarium LED

  Key LED (Key24Wide 96W) Maxspect (110W)
Chips US BrightLux / Cree Version Semi Chips
Moonlight Yes Yes

Under 20cm (BrightLux Chips)

27760 Lux

Under 20cm (Semi Chips)

27490 Lux

Timer Yes Yes
Size 1

55 x 25 (LED24-Wide)

Can running in 24" to 36" Inch Tank

40 x 15cm (110W / 160W Model) *

If using in 36"inch (90cm tank will Dark in both side)

Size 2

72 x 25 (LED36-Wide)

Can Running in 48" Inch 120cm Tank

80 x 15cm (170w / 230W Model)

If using in 48" Inch 120cm Tank will dark in both side

Fan Yes (Made in Taiwan) Yes (Make in Viteman / China / Taiwan)

Model : LED36-Wide / LED24-Wide

Light 1 (White)

Light 2 (White)

Light3 (Blue)

Light4 (Moonlight)

Fan (Can control Open or Close)

Model : 110W -Only Can controler 1 White + 1 Blue

Model 160W - Control 3 Unit . 1 Unit of White + 1 Unit of Blue + 30W White


US BrightluxChips (30000Hours)

Cree Chips (50000Hours)* Extra 15% Lighter than Brighlux

Will dark around 15% for normal 8 hours use after a year

Chinese Chips (30000Hours from factory say)

Need to Change 30W LED for a 18 month for factory default, and using longer time if keep a good situation)