Customer require for Normal Shipping, please contact us before make payment

Fish Street Store Offer a Normal Shipping for wholesale or want to cheaper way shipping customer. 

Normal shipping is shipped by Sea, it usually require up to 1 month to 2 month to received.  All the payment must make by bank. And under our 7 day deadline payment before shipping.

For example, the ship is really for 8/12/08.  You must verify make payment by bank before 1/12/08.  Normal shipping can offer 1/3 or 1/2 Shipping Discount. 

For example, shipping around 6KG item to France by air mail is USD75 , but normal shipping only require USD40.  It's is better for a customer to want a cheaper way to save their money

How to assume my item received day?

Assume your item is shipped on 1/12/08, under the custom process , you will get it within 60 days to your home.  That mean you will get the item on or before 31/1/2009