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Jebao ATO Refill Systems Jebao-150
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Weight: 0.52 kg
JEBAO ato ,smart aquarium auto top off water refiller system,water replenisher water level controller for Fish Tank 6.5ft soft tube; Package included: Pumpx1;Power Adapterx1;Sensor+Magnet Mountingx1;Soft Tubex1;Siphon Breakx1;Tube Holderx1; How to install: Step1. Mount the sensor at the normal water level on the tank/sump wall, attach the magnet mount at the same position outside of the tank wall. Step 2:Connect the soft tube with the pump fitting. Insert the Siphon Breaker into the soft tube. Keep the Siphon Breaker higher than the water level of the reservoir tank. Use the clamp to attched the soft tube at the tank wall. Step3.:Connect DC Pump and Power supply to the sensor sockets ,make sure connect the correct port as the socket shows; Maintenance : If the pump cannot work properly, please check the followings Check the cavity of the rotor to ensure that the rotor is not broken or blocked Monthly regular inspection, cleaning pumps can extend the service life. The power cord of the Adaptor shall be lower than the power socket to form a drip ring to prevent the flow of water along the power cord from entering into the power socket.

  • JEBAO ato,smart aquarium automatic top off system,water level controller for fish tank,
  • With 42gph DC12Vquiet pump,5 ft max lift,silent water replenisher
  • 6.5ft soft tube with tube holder ,with siphon break and magnet mount sensor ,tank thickness up to 1/2" (12mm)
  • Automatic water refill and quiet operation,suitable for salt water and fresh water
  • Use smart magnet mount optical sensor,LED light alert,