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Boyu WM-2 Wave Maker
Price: $70.00
Sale: $50.00
You Save: $20.00 (29%)

Add Magnet Base (+ $16.00)

Weight: 2.2 kg


  • Slow Stream with Large numbers of confused stream
  • Can controller Wave Size and Time
  • Feed Mode
  • Solve the single stream-forming method and fast speed of stream created by common pumps.
  • Can adjusted the angle in any directions. Suitable for forming stream in any directions
  • Beautiful aspect, low power consumption, and large flux
  • Mult installation methods for different client use
  • Super Cups can mount in Glass or mount in your tank


  • Pump will operate by the wave controller as weak to strong

Working Mode

  • Set the working time of the pump in 2 second to 5 mins

Pause Mode

  • Set the pause time of the pump from 2 second to 5 mins

Feed Mode

  • When Press Feed Mode, the system will pause 10 mins or until the feed button is press again

We release set of Boyu WaveMaker WM1 / WM2 / WM3 /WM4 and Magnet Base Boyu Wavemaker. Please visit our store to select which wavemaker is suitable for you!

Why Aquarium / Reef Tank require confused stream ?

It's can create a natural ecological enviroment for you halobios. In the meantime you can view the confused stream like the natural ocean. For Aquarium or Reef require stream flow to get their food, a good confused stream can make your fish/Reef more healthy and active


  • Voltage 220 - 240 50Hz
  • Power 18W
  • Suitable for Tank Size :40Litres to 260 Litres
  • Pump Size 110mm x 108mm x 113mm (HxWxL)