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Coral Box D700 Plus DC Skimmer
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30/4/2013 In Stock Now Again ~

3/4/2013 Limit Stock D700 skimmer now~  Order quick~

Coral Box DC Curve D700 Protein Skimmer is come from FS Design . Provides 

 energy saving, high efficiency, silent!

The new development of the barrel body, water, bubbles rise in a smooth, efficient discharge of the waste tank to make the water can remain stable

More rapid demolition of the structure of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden

Forming the outlet structure and the integration of the barrel body so that the water level to adjust more smoothly.

D700 Manual English  / Russian

EU Delivery is using DCS3000, Only Asia / America is using DCA3000 Pump


  • Cone shaped Skimmer provides more steady accumulation bubble processing efficiency.
  • New intake silencer device make more silent
  • 3D Diffuser, different with traditional diffuser, the water will swirl and increase more reactor time
  • water level sensor function


  • Suitable for 450L to 1200L Tank
  • CoralBox DC3000 Pump
  • Watt :20W to 25W
  • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
  • Pump Capacity : 1200 to 3200Litres /hours
  • Size :260x260x555mm

Customer Demo Video (Customer Only operation Controller for 3/10 Power only)


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CoralBOx D700 Protein Skimmer Review