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Coral Box Portable 125Gallons 3Stage RO Reverse Osmosis System
Price: $100.00
Sale: $80.00
You Save: $20.00 (20%)

Coral Box RO 3 Stage System

For a Long time develop with the factory. We finally found the Aquarium Based  on the RO System(Not for home RO, it is real based on the Aquarium)

No Pump Need!  All in One ! Portable ! 10 Seconds for installation with you using! 

  • 3 Stage System (First Stage 5micon PP Filter, Second Stage for Carbon Filter, Third Stage for RO)
  • Mini to Pure Water as TDS Value "4" 
  • No Pump Extra connection! Base on your water pressure to output the water
  • 125 Gallons for Fast Output Water
  • Portable to Change Area or remove 
  • All in One Design, no need connection
  • Genius Reserve Cleaning Mode can clean the RO Filter to extend to life
  • Auto Valve Function :  When RO Pure Water is Switch Off , the pollute water fill auto Switch Off (Example, if you connection with Auto Water filler on the RO Output, when the RO is filling enough valve, it will auto stop , and auto switch off the Pollute water. Avoid waste water
Stage 1: 7x27cm
Stage 2: 7x27cm
Stage 3: 7x31cm

Coral Box RO 3 Stage Review