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The Latest Formula for 6in1 package 2016

6-in-1 solution simplifies reef aquarium maintenance AND coral care. Prodibio BioKit Reef combines five, premium-reef care products for extreme convenience. Complete maintenance program helps optimize reef aquarium water-quality and supplies essential elements and trace elements necessary for healthy coral, clam and coralline algae growth. Prodibio BioKit Reef combines BioDigest (live bacteria), Bioptim (micronutrients), Reef Booster (coral nutrient supplement), Iodi+ (iodine supplement) and Stronti+ (strontium supplement) to maintain a reef aquarium with greater ease.

Prodibio BioDigest is made up of natural nitrifying, nitrate reducing, and facultative bacterial strains selected to ensure complete nitrification AND effective digestion of organic waste material. These beneficial bacteria (50 billion in each 1ml ampoule) work together to prevent filamentous algae or red slime algae from gaining a foothold by reducing nitrates and phosphates.

Prodibio Bioptim contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life including beneficial bacteria responsible for efficient biological filtration. Select amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins and more give beneficial bacteria a boost to accelerate digestion of organic waste and the elimination of nitrates and phosphates.

Prodibio Reef Booster is a finely micronized nutrient supplement for corals and invertebrates that feed solely or partly on microplankton. Prodibio Reef Booster also helps improve aquarium water quality by nourishing nitrate and phosphate-reducing anaerobic bacteria in live rocks.

Prodibio Iodi+ supplies hard corals in your aquarium with the iodine they need to grow and for coloration.

Prodibio Stronti+ provides strontium needed for optimum and healthy coral, clam and coralline algae growth.

Prodibio Vits+ provides vitamin  needed for optimum and healthy coral/

Prodibio Aquarium Care Products are specially packaged in single-dose glass ampoules. Used in its entirety once opened, each vial contains a highly concentrated product to reduce packaging waste. Tinted glass protects active ingredients from light damage and sealed with inert gas (argon or nitrogen) to reduce oxidation and product degradation. Ok to store at room temperature - refrigeration not required.

Use one vial Prodibio BioKit Reef per 50 gallons / 187 Litres once every 15 days.
Use one vial Prodibio BioKit Reef Nano per 15 gallons  / 56 Litres once every 15 days.