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Coral Box Quiet Pump plus New Wavemaker
Price: $0.00

Select Type QP5 plus (5000Litres) (+ $80.00); QP9 plus (9000Litres) (+ $97.00); QP16 plus (16000Litres) (+ $120.00)
Accessories Parts UK Plug ; EU Plug ; US Plug ; AU Plug

Shipping: Shipping to Worldwide except for (Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg )

Want to Discount on the Pump?  Please contact us Here(Need to provides Tank Photo / Existing Pump and Agree doing review Video  +  Photo on Forum)

Due to we got huge of order require free try. If you cannot provides enough information and agree, we cannot process

Please Answer for us to here

1) Open box Review Video + Photo Firstly

2) After you received the parcel and you doing a video and review photo

3) Continuous At least daily update a New Photo on the forum, each 2 days need add 1 photo, Must at least continuous 7 times

 Please let us to know when can start since we have enough for the review

And told me which forum also , and which pump model for you want

Quiet Pump plus is support Apex!  Order with our AQlink A1 together to support

Quiet Pump plus is work with Coral Box Battery Backup . Order in Here


Coral Box Introduce New Series of the WaveMaker 2018. Quiet Pump plus Series for 3 Model.  

Do you want a Silent Pump?  Tank in bedroom require silent?
Do you require a accuracy pump for real time operation?
Do you require a non damage motor pump?
Do you want to set 1% operation on the Pump? (Need wifi controller)
Do you want more function for the pump operation?

Special thanks for Italy Antonio Editor help us to translate Italy Manual Quiet Pump  Download here

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Upgrade for your pump now

2018 March New

Coral Box Pump directly work with Coral Box Backup Battery.  No need add any controller, directly operation to avoid power down to keep alive for Tank! Order Here