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Resun CL450 Chiller AU Delivery :: Вiдгуки

Цiна$489.00excl. TAX
Розпродаж$445.00excl. TAX
Економiя$44.00 (9%)
Бонусні очки$2.23
Безкоштовна доставка
Вага16 kg
  • Below 450 Litres Use
  • Compressor Chiller
  • Small Size and 1 Degree Set

  • Features

    • Slim Design and easy for store
    • Effective and energy saving
    • Double-function: chiller and heater
    • Low noise and environmentally friendly
    • Ideal for fresh water and marine water


    • Voltage 220 - 240W 50/60Hz
    • Size : 380x 290 x430mm
    • Suitable for Below 450Litres
    • Pump required(Below 1000Litres/265gallons)
    • Power 1/6HP
    • 450W

    Suitable for Below 600L Tank

    Test With CL450 in 150L Tank

    Home Tank temperature 32 degree

    2 Hours for 25 Degree

    4 Hours for 23 Degree

    6 Hours for 21 Degree

    12 Hours for 17 Degree



    We Freely Upgrade shipping Chiller by UPS shipping services(Only 4 days can arrived).  All Europe country just click the Air Mail shipping that we will upgrade Freely send by DHL.

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    Resun CL450 Chiller  AU Delivery
    Цiна$489.00excl. TAX
    Розпродаж$445.00excl. TAX
    Економiя$44.00 (9%)
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