Maxspect Programmable LED Aquarium Lighting(110V - 120V) Отзывы
Maxspect Programmable LED Aquarium Lighting(110V - 120V)
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Найдено: 57
first class
recommend to any one Eric was a fantastic help on all my orders
sotetsu (Гость)
very very good
very very good
works great
ótimo produto, excelente acabamento, o controlador também dá várias possibilidades e o melhor, ele não esquenta o aquário. os led´s de reposições possuem encaixes como tomadas, o que facilita sua eventual troca.

great product, excellent finish, the controller also provides various possibilities and better, it does not heat the tank. of the LEDs as replacements have slots taken, facilitating their eventual substitution
quaddo (Гость)
A great and powerful LED-light
I have the G2 160W edition and being very satisfied with it, although the control-unit did break down fishstreet was really great on the warranty issues, and had the light working in notime. The programmability of the white and blue leds (+30w leds) is great eventhough the moonlights should have an option of closing aswell.

To sum all this up: It's a high quality lamp which doesnt feel cheap at all. In addition the upgradability of this lamp is great.
fabio (Гость)
good product, shipping and service.
I'm very happy with this lighting.

good product, shipping and service.
Lindsay Furness (Гость)
good product, shipping and service
the lighting units arrived in 5 days to Australia. One set of blue LEDs were not functioning, after response to email a loose connection was identified and the lights now work
fax84 (Гость)
G2 160w cree
très bon produit
très bon rendu des couleurs
facile à programmer une foi qu'on a compris;-)
la coraline,des coraux durs lps, sps et mous poussent
que du bonheur
fax (Гость)
très bon produi
très bon produit , très bon rendu des couleurs, programation facile une fois qu'on a compris le système,
la coraline commence à pousser, les coraux dur et mous aussi
Найдено: 57
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