Resun SK300 Protein Skimmer Reviews
Resun SK300 Protein Skimmer
Average Customer Rating: 4.33
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Компактный, тихий, эффективный!
1. Маленькие размеры - подойдет в любой нано-аквариум.
2. Работает тихо, не шумит.
3. Скиммат гонит (на рабочий режим вышел через неделю).
Дешевле чем на Али!
zino (Guest)
silencieux super produit pour nano aquarium
silencieux super produit pour nano aquarium
GauteG (Guest)
You get what you pay for
OK skimmer. Use it in my 48L resun. Uses quite long time to not spread bubbles all around, but a new mainbody from fish-street made it work ok.
Enigma (Guest)
Not bad
Good product, not noisy, fast operation. Small in size. But, only for small aquariums.
Prindone (Guest)
Ecumeur inaudible et très belle écume au bout de 5 jours! Tiptop!
Tom (Guest)
super product
Use it for my 70 liters, replaced it for the old Boyu WG-310 (made some noice). This is much better and very silent, Nice foam and no microbobles.
noisy and lots of micro bubbles
not an efficient skimmer, impossible to adjust for dry skimming. but material quality is reasonable and works better than the boyu skimmers
kati (Guest)
small and silent
quite strict about the water level. pushed a lot of microbubbles when starting, but stopped it week later
Good item.
Good item.
Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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