Coral Box Aqua Nano LED Reviews
Coral Box Aqua Nano LED
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A lot brighter than expected
Bought two, intending to eventually get two more, bu they are far brighter on my 200l reef than expected. Light and mount are nice and refined. Very impressed with this simple light.
very good
very good
Peter (Guest)
Quality product, simple use
Bright light, easy mounting, fan is quiet. SPS are doing well
Does grow SPS corals
I bought this light to use on a 5 gallon mixed reef with a 5 gal sump. I started adding a few sps frags in the past 3 months, and Ive seen tremendous growth and all my soft corals are doing well too! I’m upgrading to a 39 gallon cube in the near future and I will use this light on it as well as I plan for an sps dominant tank for this one. Only 4 stars because its not programmable nor it is adaptable to a timer for both blue and white lights, and the price has gone down considerably since I bought it at full price. I should have gone the extra and invested in the programmable ones – it would be nice to have a trade-up option.
JS (Guest)
Nice Light
Overall I like this light, its bright and adds a nice natural look to the tank, and really has some awesome shimmer effects.

a nice light and happy.
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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