Coral Box Aqua Nano LED Reviews
Coral Box Aqua Nano LED
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Peter (Guest)
Quality product, simple use
Bright light, easy mounting, fan is quiet. SPS are doing well
Does grow SPS corals
I bought this light to use on a 5 gallon mixed reef with a 5 gal sump. I started adding a few sps frags in the past 3 months, and Ive seen tremendous growth and all my soft corals are doing well too! I’m upgrading to a 39 gallon cube in the near future and I will use this light on it as well as I plan for an sps dominant tank for this one. Only 4 stars because its not programmable nor it is adaptable to a timer for both blue and white lights, and the price has gone down considerably since I bought it at full price. I should have gone the extra and invested in the programmable ones – it would be nice to have a trade-up option.
JS (Guest)
Nice Light
Overall I like this light, its bright and adds a nice natural look to the tank, and really has some awesome shimmer effects.

a nice light and happy.
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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