Jebao SW-2 Wave Maker Reviews
Jebao SW-2 Wave Maker
Average Customer Rating: 4.67
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Chrisanton (Guest)
Perfect delivery and the wave maker is real small &a nice!
Kristina (Guest)
i like it
For my 80 l tank with LPS- its fully enough.
Mrod (Guest)
Good product- would buy again
This is a nice product and overall pleased. I have had the SW-4 and wanted somethign even smaller a my tank is only 16 gallons.
While not as powerful as the SW-4 as expected, the size is great and the control works better than my prior version (night mode works as described). Ability to adjust the angle is wasy and seems to have no easy after the first month or so of use.
Only thing i am trying to fgure out still is the wireless controller, right now just running the 2 i bought separatley but eventually ill make time to get that sorted. Happy and have been fortunate with Jabeo over the last few years and good delivery service thru ordering direct thru Fishstreet as well.
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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