Jebao DCP Sine Wave Water Return Pump Reviews
Jebao DCP Sine Wave Water Return Pump
Average Customer Rating: 4.72
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Cpage (Guest)
This is a great pump. I bought a second one to have on hand if I ever needed it.
Dave (Guest)
Brilliant pump
This pump is dead silent - really solid build. Can’t be beaten for price or quality
8000 DCP return pump
Absolutely dead quiet. Very very happy with this unit. Certainly as good as advertised.
PP (Guest)
Jebao DCP 3000
Great very silent pump.
Jebao DCP 5000
Excellent pump, Silent, (I know it's working from the movement of the water), very powerfull and low power consuption:( it can be set to a minimum 9 watt and in my sump it means 800 L/h to the refugium that is 1 meter above.) Best price on Fishstreet. surely I raccomend it.
Texas-Gene (Guest)
Quiet and powerful
I have th DCP6500 runing two 1" return lines in my 180 gallon freshwater tank. I am running a herbie/animal overflow setup and my media room tank water handling is totally silent. The loudest sound in my tank is my air pump, struggling to push air through a 31" tall tank. I am runing about F65% on the controller which I believe is about 1202GPH. This is my 3rd Jebao pump. I upgrde to get the latest techjnology and give away the oldeest generation. I have never had an issue with these pumps. They run quiet and cool and I much prefer adjusting pump volume to the prior system of plumbing in the sump to manage the water exchange rate. Excellent product and the cost/performance just cannot be beat.
Mario Alves (Guest)
Fantastic pump
Arrived fast and confkrme described in the announcement.
Great website for online sales.
Tor Arve Thorsen (Guest)
Fantastic pump, great deal
Very good pump, delivering alot of water. VERY silent, and the speed adjustment works perfectly. Very easy to install, a lot of fittings. Very good deal
Jebao dcp 10000
Powerfull and dead silent
Definetly worth all the money
Thid pump move a lot of water
Just got it connected up 2 days ago , so far so good, Have to which a video on haw the control panel works
Found: 23
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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