Coral Box Quiet Pump plus New Wavemaker Reviews
Coral Box Quiet Pump plus New Wavemaker
Average Customer Rating: 4.64
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Very good.
Vasco (Guest)
Funciona muito bem, recomendo para nanos
really amazing
Really strong power even for 1m3
i'm greatly recomand it
PrivilegedOne (Guest)
Super Pumpe!
Habe diese Pumpe nun seit Mai 2017 (15 Monate) und bin von der Lautstärke (kaum wahrnehmbar!) und dem fehlerfreien Betrieb begeistert. Ich kann die QP16 nur weiterempfehlen.
Postie (Guest)
Awesome water movement!
I took a chance on these and do not regret my decision at all! I got two of the qp-5’s for my 80 gallon. The provide more then enough flow and after about a week they were quieter then my mp-40’s. Worth every penny!
Cant beat it with a stick
Bought two of these pumps for my new tank figuring the claims of how quiet they are were over stated... far from! These pumps are awesome and make next to no noise at all. I hear the trickle of the water in the tank of these!
Dimitris (Guest)
An excellent wavemaker
This is an excellent wavemaker and absolutely worth the money.
Michael (Guest)
Smäller than I thought ....easy to comprehend
The nightsensor is superb....
I have waves during lighthours and a steady flöde during night. Works perfect and NO noise
Kim Andersen (Guest)
So far im impressed.
Actually kinda silent and moves alot of water. Replaced my 2 rw8 with one of the biggest (16?) And id say it moves more water then my old 8s at full power.
Very good pump
Found: 24
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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