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SPS Power LED Bar :: Críticas

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SPS Power Bar Information

  • Speical for Aquarium for SPS / LPS Coral
  • Remote time controller with sunrise and sunset function
  • 415mn wavelength
  • Red Green Blue Purple Color
  • Specification for SPS Power Bar

Remote Controller Function

  • 16 Color Range on Random Flash Model
    Separte Control for Red /  Green  / Blue / White color
  •  (Under mix with Key LED K2 / K3, White mode can increase to 15% on the lighting lumen)
  • Blue Model can increase to near 16000K on the Ocean Blue color
  • Red Model can enchance color the Green Star Polyps / Waving Hand Anthelia / Zoanthids
  • Green Model can make the SPS coral look like shape on the SPS
  • Using Flash Model can operate Change 16 color a cycle (We highly recommend customer using this model , because it can provides the best color range for your coral healthy)
  • Strobe Model provides a Strobe White Color(3 to 5 second per time, it can look as a strobe in the actual enviroment)
  • Fade Model is a build in timer for running 12 hours on the lighting
  • Smooth Model is a build in timer for running 11 Hours on the lighting
  • We highly recommend customer using Flash model! Or Using White  / Blue  /  Green  / Red model to enchance the Lumen or color range
SPS 24 Silm
58x 7.5 x 4cm
SPS 36 Silm
78 x 7.5 x4cm

SPS Power Bar
SPS Power Bar
SPS Power Bar
SPS Power Bar
SPS Power Bar
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GIAN on 8 Oct 2011, 8:46 PM
Very nice product.
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SPS Power LED Bar
Precio$150.00excl. TAX
Venta$130.00excl. TAX
Usted ahorra$20.00 (13%)
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