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Jebao RW/ FS/ wp10/wp25/wp40/wp60 Replacement Kits

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2012 Nov Fish Street Distributor Jebao WP40
2013 May Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-25
2013 Oct Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-60 Jebao Wp-10
2014 Feb Fish Street First Release for Jebao Twins controller
2014 May Interzoo Fish Street help jebao factory to First Release RW-4 RW-8 RW-15 Rw-20
2014 Oct First Release Jebao DP4
2015 Jan First Release Jebao DP2
Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply 

2/4/2014 Release for Extension Cable 100cm Long for Big Tank use


14/3/2014 Provides Replacement Power Head


3/7 In stock Now! And we only accept order from our wp40/25 customer only to Upgrade. Any people cannot provides Order ID/ payment record for us will refund

25/6 High Demand of the Order, Out of stock now. Pre Order shipping time for 4 to 6 days

Jebao WP40 WP25 Replacement Kits

For Jebao WP40 / WP25 is have 2 different controller after June 27.  Export Good is 1f version which include a H1 H2 H3 and S1 S2 S3 , which have add extra 6 Mode

Export Good (12 Mode) For America , Europe

China Mainland Seller Controller (6Mode) which only can selling in Local China

Beware on it  got a Local China Controller and out of warranty!  Only order Fish Street Store Customer can got a Upgrade Kits !When you checkout , please leave us for your Order ID for us to follow, we only can selling to our client to Upgrade Only.



100cm cable for Jebao RW / SW / FS /WP /Crossflow / CP /DCS/DCT/DC Pump(Not suitable for DCP15000/18000/20000)

Average Customer Rating: 4.82 based on 17 reviews. Write a review.

andrea (Guest)
fast and always available
The service is very precise. I have been very satisfied.
Tim (Guest)
Received exactly what I ordered. Worked perfectly
avitechtone (Guest)
Need a replacement WP-40 magnetic base
Received a WP-25 magnetic base. The rubber mounts have deteriorated and I can take the three rubber mounts off of the WP-25 I received but it would be nice to offer the WP-40 magnetic base.
Very happy with it, again all work well.
Lee (Guest)
Plugged in to controller works fine
Great replacement part
Powerfull and silent
Works well
Very happy with it