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AquaCool Master Fan F2800 with temperature controller

You Save$8.50 (24%)

  • World First IP65 WaterProof Fan
  • Quality for IP65 WaterProof to prevent Fan Damage
  • 3 Different Speed
  • Auto Turn on /off Fan to Save Power
  • Save Daily Water Change to Stable PH Value
  • 45 Angle Change
  • DC 12V 10W
  • Speed 2800 RPM Noise <39 DB

Cross 45Degree Function, it can generation more 20% output for normal Fan

World First IP65 Waterproof Fan, acid proof for Salt damage the Fan or main panel

The Fan which have a temperature probe, user can set the temperature to start on it. It's can reduce a lot of water evaporate for 24 hours operation and maintains the PH in stable value



  • DC12V 50/60hz 
  • 10W 
  • Size 16  x 18 x 3cm
  • Bracket Mount for 10MM Thickness
  • 0 to 40 Degree Set
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Important: Cannot using inside Water!  IP65 WaterProof is prevent water drop in only~  Cannot directly using in water!

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Andrew Stratton (Guest)
good fans compact e useful: good price
The price is good if you consider that each one is controllable and will save you money as they turn off when they reach the required temperature.
Funciona corretamente.
al_flood (Guest)
Great product, setting temp was a breeze, turns on when aquarium temp goes over set temperature and turns off when aquarium is at desired temperature. Not very noisy but you can tell when it is on. I've used this product for the last 2 months without any issues.