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Aquarium Glove One Unit Shoulder Length Protective Gloves

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  • Full Arm Length with Elastic Bands to Arm
  • 65cm Extra Long
  • Finest PVC materials with fiber-reinforced sleeves
  • Design for Aquarium without contaminating the water(no harmful with your hand !)
  • To protection for your hand safely
  • Avoid any skin contact with the water and inhabitants prevent stings and allergic reaction
  • 1 Unit Random Provides (If you require 2 unit, please take 2 in the system)

  • 65cm Extra Long( To Arm 25cm)
  • (1 Hand) 
The Australian Bureau of oceanography reminds that it is best to wear rubber gloves when touching the coral
(PS: the gloves in the picture are the products from the fish street. For your safety, no more waiting ;))

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Strong material.
I always use these when working in my tank.

And i agree that we should be able to chose left or right hand before pressing Buy.
Spiros Lo (Guest)
very good glove , i always cut my hands with live rock , this glove saves me
Cumpre a finalidade, material resistente. Vale ressaltar que é vendido a unidade, se quiser o par terá que pedir dois.
nish (Guest)
Works like a charm
Just needs an option to order which hand to get the glove of. Only ordered one and got a left instead of a right which is my dominant hand.
Marcelo (Guest)
Bom produto
Evita de molhar as mão no aquário novamente.