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Aquarium Refugium LED System for Marine / Freshwater

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Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Aquarium Base  refugium LED Lighting


 Model YD01 (Red with Blue)Model JD-12
Size4.5cm x 5cm 4.5cm x 5cm
Lighting 28cm Long 16cm Height + 14cm extention Long
Cable Lenght 150cm Long 110cm Long
Color3 Piece Red + 2 Piece Blue COB White
Bracket Mount 20mm16mm

  • DC 24V 5W 50/60Hz

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A 1 Light unit
Does good for its size
Amazing lighting for refugium
Thank Fish street for this very good and amazing lighting i'm using it in my refugium and it's working very good.
Alex (Guest)
tres bonne qualité
La pousse est croissante dans le refuge. J'ai mis deux spot pour un refuge de 50x20x30
Amazing LED light.
I have ordered this LED and it''s looking very good and the installation was very easy today i well get my Algae and let see how is the growth process for it well be.