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ATS Algae Reactor

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For ATS System is based on Algae that grows in the surface of the waves lapping the rocks, like a well-lit, alternating wet and dry growing conditions, the rate of absorption of nutrients is 10-100 times higher algae.
Real ATS filtration system can provide a lot of oxygen, stable ph value, effective circulating nutrients, analog waves. Other advantages include:
Stable pH and oxygen (in the super saturation) level, can achieve the following results:
Stable PH Value
Fish Health ~
Increase the feeding of the premise, reduce change water

The system can be fed 3-6 times a day, more healthy growth of biological conditions.

Many severely damaged LPS, flying disc (Fungia), disc (Turbinaria), gem (Goniopora), brain (Lobophyllia, Wellsophyllia) and cat (Favia) the ATS system can quickly recover, and even cured.
1 to 2 Day can see the result
ATS system is very inexpensive and easy to maintain, especially in large aquariums.
ATS system will filter and maintenance minimized.
to provide a great buffering capacity.
ATS can handle the death and filter feeding organisms caused by a sudden increase in nutrients and can even run oversaturated.
the biological oxygen saturation to provide additional security, such as the case of power failure.
ATS system to remove nitrate, phosphate, silica or the




Include ATS Filter Mount / Super Cups / Tubling


1) Installion with the ATS Mount fixed with Screw and super cups

2) Adjust the ATS Height on the water Level

3) Connection with the Water Return or Pump , suitable operation on 550L to 2500Litres

4) Add a around 6500K to 7000K Lighting

5) Complete and clean the ATS after 2 week for the alage.



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ATS Algae Reactor
You Save$50.00 (14%)