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Boyu WM01 Wave Maker

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Weight: 1.2 kg


  • Slow Stream with Large numbers of confused stream
  • Solve the single stream-forming method and fast speed of stream created by common pumps.
  • Can adjusted the angle in any directions. Suitable for forming stream in any directions
  • Beautiful aspect, low power consumption, and large flux
  • Mult installation methods for different client use
  • Super Cups can mount in Glass or mount in your tank


  • Voltage 220 - 240 50Hz
  • Power 28W
  • Suitable for Tank Size :40Litres to 300 Litres
  • Size 110mm x 108mm x 113mm (HxWxL)

Why Aquarium / Reef Tank require confused stream ?

It's can create a natural ecological enviroment for you halobios. In the meantime you can view the confused stream like the natural ocean. For Aquarium or Reef require stream flow to get their food, a good confused stream can make your fish/Reef more healthy and active

Boyu WM01
Boyu WM01
Boyu WM01
Boyu WM01
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Jan Rune Roed (Guest)
boyu wm01 wawemaker
An exelent wawemaker for smaller fish tanks (Nano reefs) 100 litres or above. Can handle controller or switch without problems.
value for money.
Well built and powerfull.
Powerfull pump for nano reef. Just a bit tall for it. No vibration. Good product

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Boyu WM01 Wave Maker
You Save$9.50 (37%)