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Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump :: Reviews

Price$300.00excl. TAX
Sale$275.00excl. TAX
You Save$25.00 (8%)
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Weight0.1 kg
  • 3 Channel Dosing
  • Can External to 7 Channel
  • 1ml per dosing to 60L

Bubble-Magus is a dedicated high-class marine equipment and additives for keeping research and development company. Products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. And is committed to promoting the breeding of domestic marine technology, at reasonable prices, continue to deliver advanced bio-breeding equipment. 

       BM technical engineer, after a study which lasted a year and a half, using a micro-computer technology and launched a micro-computer technology, mechanical and electrical integration titration pump. The titration of marine biological pump is mainly used for home-cylinder timing, quantitative, and accurate to add marine organisms need to grow a variety of elements, such as calcium, magnesium, kh enhancing agents, trace elements and so on. Added through automation, without the need for staff to add a variety of solutions trouble, avoiding the added result of manpower caused in the course of the leakage increases, add the amount of excessive or inadequate mistakes. 

      The titration pump can automatically calculate the average distribution of several auto-titration capacity, reduce the time to add the same element result in a large number of biological impact (up to 24 times a day can be set), and has automatic time-sharing between channels to add, eliminate all add liquid due to the same time, adding the chemical interference with each other. The pump provides a three titration titration channels (which can be easily extended to seven channels, up to 11 channels, extending models BM-T02). The titration pump uses well-known American Microchip micro-computer chip with built-in storage memory set procedures and there is power failure the clock to maintain function. Burette adopted the American Medical exclusive longevity of high-quality rubber hose, with an average service life of up to 10,000 hours, using 5 high torque motor longevity quiet motor, pump shell with automotive instrument-level high-strength self-lubricating plastic POM. Titration PC pump control panel with fully waterproof design, touch-type LCD backlit display control panel provides a simple and convenient, clear and intuitive, "man-machine dialogue" operational control. 

       Comes standard with a 360-degree rotating switching power converter, so that small space to provide further convenience outlet, and comes with a dedicated infusion tube, reflects the company's long-established BM "people-oriented" equipment design. 

BM-T01 is a mainframe computer with a 3-channel, with control. 
BM-T02 is to extend the four-channel, it must be to promote BM-T01. 
BM-T01 up to bring two BM-T02, that could be like this: 
Option One: a BM-T01, can have 3-channel functionality with a computer-controlled titration 
Option Two: 1 BM-T01 + 1 BM-T02, formed the band with a 7-channel computer-controlled titration function 
Program 3: 1 BM-T01 + 2 BM-T02, formed the band with a 11-channel computer-controlled titration function 
The above three programs, only need a power supply. 
BM-T02 can not be achieved individually computer-controlled titration functions.



  • Automatically micro-computer control
  • Can add the designated Quantity of element auotmatically wiht different time-sectgion
  • Interactive interface parameter settings
  • Can manage up to 11 channel of expansion function
  • Long-Lasting , during and pharmacy recommend dosing tube


  • Size : 23.5 x 16 x7cm
  • Accuary +- 5%
  • Voltage :AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.36A DC12V 1A (US Pin)
  • (Atten: For Europe Customer, we provides Europe Adaptor, only can provides in
  • Flow :1 - 1999ML
  • Cycle : Max :24 cycle per day

Please ask us for the Dosing Pump English Manual, only can provides in now

Manual Download Here:


BM Dosing Pump BMT01
BM Dosing Pump BMT01
BM Dosing Pump BMT01
BM Dosing Pump BMT01
BM Dosing Pump BMT01 Sample Use
Extendable Slot for BMT01 Dosing Pump
Extendable Slot for BMT01 Dosing Pump
Tube Holder(Free)
Tube Holder Free in
4 Way Tube Holder
  • Adjust Cable and Tube Easy
  • Mount on the Tank
Dosing Reservoir Liquid Box 3Room(4.5Litres Version 2)
  • 4.5 Litres
  • 3 Seperate Room for different dosing
  • Have measurement 0 to 1500cc
Bubble Magus BM-T02 Dosing Extend Pump
  • External 4 Channel
  • Can connection with Grotech Dosing Pump
Dosing Pump Power Head Suitable for Bubble Magus and Grotech
  • Replacement Dosing Pump
  • Suitable for BM Dosing or Gortech Dosing
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Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump
Price$300.00excl. TAX
Sale$275.00excl. TAX
You Save$25.00 (8%)
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