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Coral Box Bee LED Lighting Germany Warehouse Delivery :: Reviews

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Weight0.01 kg
  • 90W LED Lighting
  • For 16Inch to 48Inch Tank 
  • 1 Controller for 4 Unit of the Lighting to save money
Coral Box Now release first type of the Aquarium Only LED. It's different from another famous LED factory using normal Cree to provides Lack of enough wavelength for coral growth.  

Coral Box Bee Lighting which is testing over a year to unique Aquarium base Market LED. We work with factory to develop a Full spectrum range for Coral Growth


  • 1 Controller can connection with 4 different LED Lighitng
  • From 7800K to 25000K Lighting , 3 Channel for your setting Lighting to custom!
  • 1 Power Supply can connection with 4 Different LED Lighting , Link together to save power supply and controller free and can Extend More on the Tank
  • 90W High Power LED per Unit
  • Full WaveLength on the Aquarium Only LED. Include Black LED and UVC which high recommend zooxanthellae
  • 13 Different LED Chips 
  • Main for 40W LED 105Degree Lens.  Remain LED lens is for 78Degree
  • Combination of 40W super power matrix LED and 3W high power LEDs to have much stronger
  • Combination of 3 independent channels
  • 3 channels design, including AquaSpecial, BluePlus and PurplePlus.
  • Auto-dimmed by the programmable smart controller.
  • Energy saving with 
    Full-day climate light cycling
  • Easy to form the full-day climate light cycling by 24(Hours) 3(Channels) 100 (Brightness)
  • setting, stimulate sunset/sunrise/cloudy/sunny and moon light and let the corals enjoy 
  • Full spectrum design
  • Fixture covers from 400nm -800nm wavelength
  • NIDEC fans made in Japan are equipped in this new system, which work quietly and have longer 
    life span than other normal fans.
Free of Delivery.  Europe Customer will send from UK Warehouse include VAT Tax.  American / Canada / Mexico Customer shipped by 3 days DHL 

Coral Box Bee Lighting Manual Download

Why Require for the UVC LED Lighting here:

Why Require for the Black LED 360-380nm ?
It's a weak light, but very strong fluorescence effect.

1) Coral Box Bee LED Lighting with 1 Controller (Include Hanging Kits / Remote)
2) Coral Box Bee LED Lighting  x 2 + 1 Unit Controller (Include Hanging Kits / Remote)
3) Coral Box Bee LED Lighting  x 3 + 1 Unit Controller (Include Hanging Kits / Remote)
4) Coral Box Bee LED LIghitng without controller (No Controller, cannot control the system, only can operation 100% Power of the LED Lighting

2 Lighting 1 Controller / 1 Power Supply Link Together 


110V to 240V Voltage
22cm x 22cm x 7cm height
Hanging Kits include

1) Mount the Bee Lighting to 22cm Lighting over the Tank to provides best solution

1 Bee Lighting for 16 inch to 36 Inch Tank (Max to 90cm Tank)
2 Bee Lighting for 36 Inch to 48 Inch Tank (Max to 180cm Tank)

Actinic Blue is wave at 430-440nm, stronger absorbed by zooxanthellae.

1: Dark Blue: 450nm

2: Daywhite: 6500K

3: Cyan Blue: 475nm

4. Deep Red: 660nm

5. Green: 535nm

6. Cyan Green: 500nm

7. Amber: 595nm

8. Orange : 610nm

9. Royal Blue: 460nm

10: Actinic Blue: 430nm

11. Black Light: 380nm

12. UV-A: 400nm

13. Purple: 420nm

For 96 Inch Big Tank Customer From Maxspect 230W x2  Change to Coral Box Bee Lighting x 4 (460W VS 360W)

Adv Points :  Lower Watt ~  Color More Better, Save the Heat. 4 Unit Lighting only need 2 Power Supply and can extend more LED on future

Dark Little for the Maxspect 460W since it is 360W Total. But for SPS is require on the wavelength, it is more important than the Watt 

Comment "Here are also fewer watts than before .The coral colors are much better to light. I like it very much that they are much quieter than my old MaxSpect.

2500Litres Tank using 8 Unit of the Lighting with 1 controller

YouTube Video (2 Unit of Bee Lighting on 120cm Tank)

Coral Box Bee LED Lighting 100% Warm White

Coral Box Bee LED Lighting 100% Purple UV-A 

Coral Box Bee LED Lighting 100% FULL Blue

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billy on 14 Jan 2016, 8:46 PM
realy nice lights
the lights seem good, there really bright and the colours seem good too, i've only recently set up my tank though so cant comment on how corals like it
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Verleye Andy Guest on 19 Sep 2015, 12:45 PM
Mooie lidverlichting
Mooie gemakkelijk ledverlichting.
Vervang perfect de 250 watt halogeen licht
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