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Coral Box D700 Plus DC Skimmer_AU_Delivery

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22/1/2015 For the AU D700 skimmer, item will send from Toll Hong Kong around 1 weeks delivery

30/4/2013 In Stock Now Again ~

3/4/2013 Limit Stock D700 skimmer now~  Order quick~

Coral Box DC Curve D700 Protein Skimmer is come from FS Design . Provides 

 energy saving, high efficiency, silent!

The new development of the barrel body, water, bubbles rise in a smooth, efficient discharge of the waste tank to make the water can remain stable

More rapid demolition of the structure of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden

Forming the outlet structure and the integration of the barrel body so that the water level to adjust more smoothly.

D700 Manual English  / Russian


  • Cone shaped Skimmer provides more steady accumulation bubble processing efficiency.
  • New intake silencer device make more silent
    • 3D Diffuser, different with traditional diffuser, the water will swirl and increase more reactor time


    • Suitable for 450L to 1200L Tank
    • CoralBox DC3000 Pump
    • Watt :20W to 25W
    • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
    • Pump Capacity : 1200 to 3200Litres /hours
    • Size :260x260x555mm

    Customer Demo Video (Customer Only operation Controller for 3/10 Power only)



Customer Youtube Video



CoralBox D700 Protein Skimmer Review

Customer Facebook D700 Review

coralbox d700 protein skimmer
Average Customer Rating: 5 based on 4 reviews. Write a review.

Super Abschäumer
Der D700 ist wirklich ein super Abschäumer. Das Preisleistungsverhältnis stimmt absolut. einziges manko ist, die Angaben für den Wasserstand stimmer nicht. bei 20 cm konnte ich den Abschäumer nicht trocken einstellen. Ich musste den wasserstand auf 17 cm reduzieren bis ich mit dem ergebnis zufrieden war. würde aber den abschäumer sofort wieder kaufen.
Top Quality
Excellent Skimmer. Works as it should and top quality for the price
Gweedo (Guest)
Outstanding Product
This skimmer crunches through the sludge in the water and performs as good as the top brands out there. The skimmer is quiet running only 5dB louder than the ambient room sounds....I highly recommend

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