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Maxspect Lens Kit :: Reviews

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  • The Maxspect Optics Len is suitable for Maxspect G1 / G2 customer to enchance the lighting

1) Lens Kits include

  • Lighitng reflector panel, 2X Lens Kit with reflector
  • For using 2X Lens Kit, it can around 2X Lighting with mixed the best color range

2) Extra Blending Optics Lens

For customer which want to order Optics Lens, it must order the Lens kit firstly.  The Optics Lens can have around 4X PAR Lighting on your tank

* For G1 Customer , it require build in order and waiting around 1 to 2 week for delivery

Please mention for us if you require G1 Lens kit, we default shipping is G2 Lens Kit

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Lens Kits
Lens Kits
Lens Kits
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oz-e Guest on 21 Feb 2011, 7:03 AM
Maxspect lens kit for LED lighting module gives more depth with defined light & shadow.
I like the way the lens kit gives a different depth to the lighting. There is more contrast between the shadow areas of the tank like caves & under rocks etc. It also focuses the light down & stops the light hitting the glass sides thereby decreasing the amount of algae growing on the glass & also doesn't show up the scratches on the glass as much.
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