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Montmorillonite For CRS Shrimp Essiental Stone :: Reviews

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Pacific mud stone, a few million years ago by marine organisms, like algae, fish, such as Blackstone mud in the sea from the accumulation of sediments, through another over many years, according to active microbial decomposition, metabolism, and synthesis, repetitive, and Become a natural inorganic substances.


  • Include the essiental part for CRS microorganisam
  • Dissolve the and help the Shrimp tor produce RNA, better for Egg
  • Contain Shrimp Sheild elements for healthy growth(Important for new born shrimp faster to grow sheild to prevent another shrimp attract)
  • Can adjust the best PH value for freshwater for CRS
  • promote the growth of aquatic plants
  • improved the color of crystal shrimp
  • water quality improvement


  • Around 100gram
  • Can using around 3 to 6 months
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