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Apex / GHL to Jebao RW DC WP Pump

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2012 Nov Fish Street Distributor Jebao WP40
2013 May Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-25
2013 Oct Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-60 Jebao Wp-10
2014 Feb Fish Street First Release for Jebao Twins controller
2014 May Interzoo Fish Street help jebao factory to First Release RW-4 RW-8 RW-15 Rw-20
2014 Oct First Release Jebao DP4
2015 Jan First Release Jebao DP2
Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply 

2014/10/17 One of our friend DIY our Apex connector for Jebao to GHL Controller (Detail can see DIY Apex Controller to GHL)

2014/10/16 Apex Connector for Jebao which Develop from Fish-street R&D Department.

The Apex Controller Linkage adapter is work for

  • Jebao DC Pump (All Series) (Not for DCT Series)
  • Jebao WP/FS/RW Pump
  • ATI DC Pump

  • 100cm 39Inch Long cable (Can Extendable Also)
  • DC24V Power Supply Jack  (If you do not have a power supply for Jebao, please contact us)
  • 2CH of 0 - 5V Buffered x 1/2 DC Output
  • 2CH of IP6X Outlet pump connection cable
  • RJ45 Apex Connector to Apex controller (Computer Network Cable, not include)

We provides a Package Power Supply
If you did not have original Jebao Power Supply, you can order our Apex Jebao Adapter + 5A Power Supply(Its can using for WP10/25/40 RW4/8/15 Wave Maker
If you want to operation for DC6000/DC12000 WP60 RW20 Pump. You need the 6A Power Supply to operation

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Jim (Guest)
Works well
Pretty much plug and play. Gives you instant apex integration for two jaebo pumps. You can then use the apex controls and programming. Well worth the price.
Gary (Guest)
Using this to allow my Vertex Cerebra to control my RW15s. It's fantastic!
Richard (Guest)
Works great
Allows full apex control of jaebo rw pumps with no crafting or modifications.
Ken T (Guest)
Plug and play - Fast delivery
Installed and worked as advertised straight out of the box. Delivery was very quick
mark (Guest)
perfect at half the price of others. So easy to set up and works fantastic. dont wait get those pumps working with apex now

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