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Sunsun JVP102B 5000Litres (Magnet)
Price$25.25excl. TAX
Sale$24.50excl. TAX
You Save$0.75 (3%)
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Sunsun JVP102A 5000Litres (Cups)
Price$20.52excl. TAX
Sale$15.99excl. TAX
You Save$4.53 (22%)
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Sunsun JVP101B 3000Litres (Magnet)
Price$25.50excl. TAX
Sale$24.00excl. TAX
You Save$1.50 (6%)
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Sunsun JVP101A 3000Litres (cups)
Price$18.94excl. TAX
Sale$13.99excl. TAX
You Save$4.95 (26%)
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Auto Water Filler
Price$20.00excl. TAX
Sale$18.50excl. TAX
You Save$1.50 (8%)
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Weipro PH2010 Ph Meter
Price$84.50excl. TAX
Sale$74.50excl. TAX
You Save$10.00 (12%)
Average Rating4.47(47)
  • Ph Probe Include
  • Easy to Adjustable
  • Fresh / Marine / Calcium Reactor Use
PH Probe Holder
Price$20.50excl. TAX
Sale$11.50excl. TAX
You Save$9.00 (44%)
Average Rating4.83(12)
  • 2 Holder for PH / Salinity / ORP Probe
  • Prevent using super cups drop on the tank
Replacement PH/ ORP Probe BNC type
Price$0.00excl. TAX
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Weipro Replacement  PH Probe Pen
Price$25.00excl. TAX
Sale$23.00excl. TAX
You Save$2.00 (8%)
Average Rating4.7(10)
  • Replacement Probe for Weipro


Aquarium Electronic Salinity Ph Monitor
Price$95.00excl. TAX
Sale$85.00excl. TAX
You Save$10.00 (11%)
Average Rating4.65(46)
  • 2 in 1 Salinity & Ph Montior
  • Battery Charge DC Power
Boyu ORP Meter
Price$111.00excl. TAX
Sale$108.00excl. TAX
You Save$3.00 (3%)
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  • World Smallest ORP Meter
  • Portable
Weipro 2310 PH&ORP Crontoller
Price$205.18excl. TAX
Sale$175.50excl. TAX
You Save$29.68 (14%)
Average Rating4.75(4)
  • Controller for PH and ORP
  • Auto Function
PH Test Paper
Price$5.00excl. TAX
Sale$3.00excl. TAX
You Save$2.00 (40%)
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  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Result
Weipro Ozone
Price$45.00excl. TAX
Sale$42.50excl. TAX
You Save$2.50 (6%)
Average Rating4.58(33)
  • Small Size
  • 5Mg to 200MG
Pocket PH Pen
Price$20.00excl. TAX
Sale$16.00excl. TAX
You Save$4.00 (20%)
Average Rating5(3)
  • Battery Ph Pen
  • Fast to Use
  • Clearly to Display
HSL Single Regulator
Price$16.00excl. TAX
Sale$13.00excl. TAX
You Save$3.00 (19%)
Average Rating4(1)
HSL Co2 Regulator
Price$67.50excl. TAX
Sale$57.50excl. TAX
You Save$10.00 (15%)
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  • Stable Co2 Regulator
  • Easy to control
Weipro Replacement Cal Liquid
Price$10.00excl. TAX
Sale$5.00excl. TAX
You Save$5.00 (50%)
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  • Suitable for PH to Cal
Professional Deluxe Dual Co2 Regulator
Price$85.50excl. TAX
Sale$74.50excl. TAX
You Save$11.00 (13%)
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  • Dual Regulator for Output
  • Easy to Ajdust
Weipro PH2000 Ph Meter
Price$85.50excl. TAX
Sale$74.50excl. TAX
You Save$11.00 (13%)
Average Rating4.5(12)
  • Monitor PH
Up Co2 Regulator Replacement solenoid
Price$26.00excl. TAX
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  • Replacement Regulator Kits for Solenoid
Weipro PH3010 ORP Crontoller
Price$149.94excl. TAX
Sale$118.50excl. TAX
You Save$31.44 (21%)
Average Rating4.5(2)
  • ORP Controller