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Weipro 2310 PH&ORP Crontoller :: Reviews

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Weight1.4 kg
  • Controller for PH and ORP
  • Auto Function


  • Led Display
  • Auto. Control PH and ORP operation
  • Simple Operation for monitor PH value (Low or High PH will cause the aquarium make disease)
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Ideal For Salt Water and Fresh Water
  • The controler can power on the CO2(Not included)or ORP

The materials have long detected aquariums and ORP PH value, when pH values higher than the set, automatically connected power supply for other devices, such as CO2 solenoid valve connected to the beginning of CO2 supply equipment. When the aquarium pH values set to automatically cut off power supply.

When ORP set below the automatic power on paper, with the use of ozone, accelerated ozone water purification.

Currently the world's major exhibition hall large aquarium water peacekeeping Health System, have similar professional equipment to be responsible for monitoring the water redox potential changes. Before and after each feeding, day or night and pH level will affect the water level changes in the redox potential, ORP controller (redox controller). Able to effectively monitor and control water redox potentials, water oxidation - reduction potential in the best numerical stability.


  • Measurement- 0~14pH
  • Resolution- 0.01pH
  • Accuracy- 0.01pH
  • Controller 3 - 10.5 PH
  • Power for 220V to 240V 50/60Hz



1. AC230V-50/60HZ connect power.
2. PH PH electrode inserted into the input.
3. PH ORP will be set up to "PH" position, while the SET M setting, "SET" position, and then pH electrode Add to PH7 correction fluid, and a few seconds to show that value stability, with matching plastic, "the word" angry CALPH7 adjustment knob, so that was Numerical 7.00 to show after regulation, the pH electrode from the correction fluid extraction, pH electrode Add to the need to test the water.
4. SET M will be set up to the SET position adjustment knob until PHSET that need PH values, in general, aquatic plants cylinder in the PH - PH7.2 PH6.8 between the pH of seawater fish PH8.0 - PH8.4 in between.
5. Finally, the CO 2 system controller plugs inserted in the socket, while the SET M M to set up a position, at this time controller can use carbon dioxide released from the system to reduce carbon dioxide PH.

1. The ORP electrode inserted ORP input.
2. PHORP ORP will be set up to the location, set up to the SET M SET position, and then matching plastic, "the word" angry ORP SET knobs adjust to meet the needs of that set numerical redox voltage value (generally the fish tank water plants ORP value-235mV 260mV, the ORP water fish tank in value between 300mv - 350mV)
3. Add to ORP electrode will be needed to control the water, then ozone machine plug in the power plug socket controller, the SET M final set to the "M" position, at this time, the controller on the use of ozone for the release of ozone, the redox potential value increased.
Feeding ago, after the daytime, evening and the PH level will affect the level of oxidation - reduction

Weipro Replacement  PH Probe Pen
  • Replacement Probe for Weipro


PH Probe Holder
  • 2 Holder for PH / Salinity / ORP Probe
  • Prevent using super cups drop on the tank
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klevkov Guest on 3 Jun 2017, 5:49 AM
Использую в пресноводном аквариуме. Доволен .Легко калибруется РН метр.
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Hilari on 16 Feb 2011, 7:17 PM
Hace un año,muy bueno
Hace un año,muy bueno, lo unico que no encuentro los repuestos para las sondas de redox y ph en la web
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Weipro 2310 PH&ORP Crontoller
Price$205.18excl. TAX
Sale$175.50excl. TAX
You Save$29.68 (14%)
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