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Resun DIY Rack TL LED Lighting

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Selection Lighting:

  • Innovative LED Pod to allow add or reduce LED
  • Dimming Function for Adjustable Color Temperature or Moonlighting(Manual)
  • Low Heat for the LED ~ No impact on the Tank Temperature
  • LED life for over 3000 Hours
  • Aluminum Cover ~
Resun Extra LED Chips can order Here

  • White Blue LED Default
  • 0.64W Per LED, Adjustable to add LED Chip
  • 110V to 240V 50/60Hz 
  • DC Power Supply 20V
Want to Make the LED Dimming with Timer Function?

ModelLED (Default) Max Can add LED LengthMax Watt
TL501 Blue 2 White 1250cm(20"Inch)8W
TL601 Blue 4 White 1460cm(24"Inch)9W
TL752 Blue 4 White 1975cm(30"Inch)13W
TL902 Blue 5 White 2390cm(36"Inch)15W

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Great product, High quality!
Great product, High quality!
len74 (Guest)
High quality!
High quality!
Can't beat the price.
Awesome that you can customize this to have as many or as few lights as you'd like. The extra chips were super cheap and easy to install. I put three of the 60's on my 250G, and one each on my 55G column and 20G tall. All of them look great. I did have one chip that is half dead, pretty sure it's just a bad solder. I'd take it apart and fix it, but for $1.50 not sure it's worth the hassle.