Coral Box D500 PLUS Protein Skimmer Reviews
Coral Box D500 PLUS  Protein Skimmer
Average Customer Rating: 4.85
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Xavier (Guest)
El producto es de muy buena calidad. Lo tengo piesto en un 260 litros y va sobrado. La altura ideal 18 cm. No hace ruido y espuma desde el primer dia.
Wk Terry (Guest)
Good skimmer
steve (Guest)
Great value for money
I brought this skimmer to run in a new ttank but have now kept it on at my main. Very happy with its performance for the price.
valerie parker (Guest)
fantastic so far
YH (Guest)
working perfectly and quietly
D500 has been functioning perfectly so far. It runs quietly. I think I've got a nice skimmer.
Windelboot Klaus Dieter (Guest)
Suber Abschäumer
Suber Abschäumer
Wow! What a skimmer
This skimmer blows away the competition! I would rate this skimmer with skimmers costing up to two or three times the amount I paid for the Coral Box! My skimmer is sitting in about 7.5 inches of water,( which it seems to like best in my system). It started skimming off waste two hours after I set it up! Although it did in fact take me about an hour to tune it in. I think this was because I am currently running it in a wet dry system and the water depth my skimmer was running in seemed to be crucial. Like I said before 7.5 inches of water seemed to correct for my system. The quality of the product is unsurpassed, the packaging also top notch. Everything arrived in one piece without any issues. All this, along with the small footprint a little over 7 inches square and the outstanding performance right out of the box this skimmer rates an easy FIVE STARS!!!!!
kendricklark (Guest)
good value for money
Fairly bullet proof design, does a good job for the money
I have this on my 65 mixed reef and its excellent. the feed button allows for cup cleaning with out shut down. very stable, very consistent, no micro bubbles. love it!
Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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