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AQLink A1 for Apex Controller for Crossflow Gyre DCS DCT Pump

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2016 Dec 8
Fish Street Release First for the Jebao DCT DCS DCP Pump for Apex controller .

Want Free for Test? We require for a volunteer for Free test with our Apex controller without Cost!  100% Refundable after you doing a full review with us ! Contact us Here

  • Ideas for Connection for Jebao DCT/ DCS / DCP Pump to Apex controller
  • Suitable for Jebao Crossflow Pump CP25 / CP40
  • Suitable for Maxspect Gyre Pump *Please check on the manual for the model before order

For DCT=DCS Pump for Jebao. If you cannot found for your list on the controller, please contact us we add on it Here

Please Read the Manual List Before Order

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