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Coral Box DC skimmer Pump

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Weight: 0.1 kg

  • Jebao Coral Box DC1200 /DCA1500 /DSC2000 Needle Wheel
  • Idea for Coral box D300 D500 Replacement
  • Suitable for DIy skimmer using
  • Include Air intake, venture parts and tubing
  • Suitable for Reef Octopus / Skimz DC Skimmer Upgrade Use

  • Coral Box DC1200 / DC2000 Pump 
  • Coral box DCA1500 Pump
  • DC Power supply 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60hz
  • Flow from 450 to 1200Litres for DC1200
  • Flow Rate from 650 to 1500Litres for DCA1500
  • Flow from 1200Litres to 2000Litres for DCA2000
Specification for DCA2000
Include 10/30/50 Mins Feed Time
Sensor Function
Auto Drop Speed 1 hours for the Feed Mode to avoid overflow

Size DCA2000 10 x 5.5 x8.5cm
Size DC1200   9 x    5 x8.5cm
Size DCA1500 9 x 5 x 8.5cm

DCA1500 Include a Free Protection Net

Average Customer Rating: 4.63 based on 8 reviews. Write a review.

It makes very small and lot of bubbles.
Powerful and quite.
Island Hank (Guest)
I'm really impressed
I had never heard of this skimmer before, but wanted a temporary skimmer till I could afford one of the name brands. I can quit looking at moving up to one of those now. Bought this one and it is outstanding. It works great, is very quiet, and is very easy to clean. I was so impressed that I bought the replacement parts to have on hand if anything should happen in the future. Been using it for about 2 months now and I'm not looking for another one anymore. Also it is very easy to adjust.
Gary (Guest)
Small but powerful! Quite and very very little vibrates. Great product. Thanks!
dc2000 super sur mon skimmer d'une autre marque, ça ecume enfin. pour un skimmer diy c'est une bonne solution.

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