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Weipro LED Lighting LED-C

Weipro LED Lighting LED-C
Weipro LED Lighting LED-C
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L60 Version 2.0 (More Blue Now 7/2/2010)

L60 Version 3.0 (We ask with Weipro provides 60 Degree Widel Angel for the LED lighting, will not too concetration in tank now 23/3/2010)

L60 Version 4.0 (Wide Range of 60 Degree Angle release. 2 Unit of L60 lighting for 60cm x60cm x 60cm tank~ (Demo Picture) 11/4/2010 [Lux Over 14200 for 20cm height]

Weipro LED Lighting LED is the newest brand new aquarium lighting in fish tank. It's provides a best and cheapest way for LED lighting for aquarium hobbies


  • 120 piece White LED + 60 piece blue LED.
  • Low Heat ~ Low Power (For 60cm model, just using 9.8W Only)
  • Provides a similar HQI70W to 150W Lighting( We test around 120W HQI lighting)
  • 12V Power, very safetly

Important : For L Series is similar to HQI250W do not directly see in your eyes!

GE 25 Series is Cable Lengith is 550cm, wall mount (No Bracket on this model) Europe Pin


Model Watt Length Width
C30 4.9w 30cm 7cm
C40 6.6W 40cm 7cm
C50 7.5W 50cm 7cm
C60 9.8w 60cm 7cm
C90 14.7w 90cm 7cm
C120 19.5W 120cm 7cm
F90 - Width Version 29.4W 90cm 11cm
F120 - Width Version 39W 120cm 11cm
L60 - High Power 21W 60cm 11cm
GE25A - High Power 40W 22 25
GE25B - High Power 140W 22 25
  • 12W DC
  • Power 220V
  • Wire Cable Lenght 120cm Long
  • 220V - 240V 50/60Hz Standard

For Freshwater is also avaiable~ It' require for build in order around 1 weeks (Freshwater model is FULL White around 8000K color)

Please contact us another model, such as 150 / 180 / 210cm (UPS Shipping) ALL 150 /180 /210cm model is require for Build in Order, usually can shipping 1 week

Testing Report for Weipro Aquarium LED Lighting

Click here to visit our report

Customer Display Tank (Dario) SPS - Weipro C90 x 6 Unit in 180cm x 60cm x60cm Tank (3:30) (He also using our FishStreet Wavebox)

After 4 Month for the Weipro LED Video (Our Client Tank)

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